Picker and Packer Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Picker And Packer Cover Letter Example

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What It’s Like to Work as a Picker and Packer

Pickers and Packers work at a warehouse or shipping company. It’s their job to read an order ship, navigate the warehouses to locate the items on the slip, and pack them safely for shipping. Physical stamina is recommended, if not required, since much of the time is spent searching the warehouse for items. They are also responsible for choosing which shipping vessel, like a tube, cardboard box or a wooden box, is most appropriate. Pickers and Packers use scanners, computers and other technology. In addition, it is their responsibility to enter into a computer items removed from the warehouse to ensure inventory tracking. Completed orders are also entered into a computer using the shipping manifest to enable tracking.

Benefits of Working as a Picker and Packer

Picker and Packer positions are entry-level or seasonal positions, but for a diligent worker, it could lead to full-time employment and an opportunity for advancement. Other positions available to a high performing employee include Supervisor, Receiving Clerk, Shipping Clerk and even, eventually, Warehouse Manager. Beginning your career path as a Picker and Packer means that, as you progress, you’ll be thoroughly immersed in every aspect of warehouse operations. That’s a real plus.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Even though you’re applying for an entry-level position, don’t discount the value of a well-written cover letter. You know what the job requirements are, and as you write your letter, list some of your accomplishments that mirror them. Don’t just repeat what’s already on your resume. Expand on your successes. There are likely to be many applicants for a limited number of jobs. You want to stand out. The idea is to get an interview, and a good cover letter can do it for you.