Veterinary Assistant Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Hiring managers receives tons of applications for open jobs, so to increase your chances of being asked for an interview, you should take extra time to ensure your entire application is pristine. If there were any details you had to leave off your resume, your cover letter is an excellent place to include them. The free veterinary assistant cover letter sample given below has some important ideas you ought to implement in your own letter.

Dear Ms. Scharf,

I have always cared deeply for animals, which is why I am studying to become a veterinarian at college. If considered for your veterinary assistant position, I believe I would have a lot to offer Brownfield Vet, while I also would appreciate the chance to learn more about the field at the same time.

I worked as an intern at another local vet’s office, where I received extensive training on how to properly handle animals. Every dog and cat is different, and I would take extra care to ensure the critters were comfortable. This could include getting toys for the animals to play with and offering nutritionally appropriate treats.

However, the vet’s office can also be stressful for the pet owners, especially if the animal was sick. When little kids came in, I would always take the time to talk with them and ask them about their day. I found that talking about anything else would be enough to get the child’s mind off his or her sick pet. This allowed the kids to relax until their cat or dog would return.

There is still a lot for me to learn, but I believe I have the skills necessary to be a real benefit to your veterinary clinic. Thank you for your time, and please contact me if there is anything else you would like to know.

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What to Include in a Veterinary Assistant Cover Letter

Every one of these documents, including this free veterinary assistant cover letter sample, should incorporate some important features. First, you want your opening sentence to be smooth and to the point. While it can occasionally be helpful to open with a joke, use humor sparingly. The main paragraphs need to describe your achievements in detail, remain relevant to the specific job you want, and leave out any boastful statements. The concluding paragraph needs to be polite while addressing the potential for having an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Most vets look for the following skills in new hires. Your document could be made even better than this free veterinary assistant cover letter sample if you discuss any of these abilities that you possess.

● Empathy: Pet owners might be experiencing a lot of emotions, so you need to show sympathy and kindness.
● Physical strength. Some animals might require a little more strength in order to properly restrain.
● Dexterity: You will be utilizing numerous devices in a clinic that require a steady hand.
● Communication: This will be particularly useful during emergency situations when you need to convey information to the veterinarian clearly.