The trick to getting job interviews and landing your dream position is setting yourself apart from the competition. If you want to distinguish yourself from other candidates, you need to supplement your job applications with a spectacular CV. Below, you will find an NDT inspector CV example and an accompanying writing guide. Reviewing these items will help you get a feel for the type of language and information you should include in your own CV to get noticed by employers. Once you have some background knowledge, you can get started writing a CV that stands apart from the crowd.


Joseph Cook

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Analytical problem-solver aiming to contribute to the success of a construction firm by applying extensive non-destructive testing experience. Certified to use multiple testing methods and their corresponding instruments. Accurately interpret test results, develop cost estimates, and compile reports for distribution. Skilled communicator capable of translating technical test results to conversational terms and tactfully delivering unwelcome news. Ensure consistent testing precision by employing strong attention to detail.

  • Proficient in multiple software varieties, including Autodesk AutoCAD, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Rhythm UT, and Fractal Concept SoftScan.
  • Aptitude for ensuring quality by strictly adhering to inspection protocols.
  • Upbeat demeanor useful for putting clients at ease and maintaining positive atmosphere when test results are undesirable.
  • Comfortable changing work sites frequently.
  • Analytical thinker, even in tense situations.
Work Experience
NDT Inspector
2013- Present


  • Test structural integrity of airplanes, freight trains, and miscellaneous large transportation crafts. Perform testing both before and after crafts are released to market.
  • Use EPOCH 650 ultrasonic flaw detector to uncover hidden areas of damage.
  • Interpret test results using ultrasonic resonance technique principle.
  • Apply knowledge of physics and mechanics to identify potential hazards and deduce sources of damage.
  • Explain test results to project managers. Provide estimates of materials and costs needed to bring products to code.
  • Document tests, write reports of tests, and file reports.

NDT Inspector


  • Used fiber optics to test bridges and tunnels throughout state.
  • Installed fiber optics and collected one full week of performance data at each site.
  • Developed recommendations for necessary repairs and delivered findings to state highway administration board.

NDT Inspector



  • Traveled to worksites throughout region to test concrete in new constructions.
  • Employed Windsor probe to test penetration.
  • Calculated concrete strength and rebound distance using Schmidt hammer test.
  • Interpreted test results and reported them to supervisors.
  • Noticed design flaws that previous inspectors had missed on two separate occasions. Enabled clients to make repairs before buildings were opened to public.
  • Consistently earned ratings of 8 and higher on post-inspection surveys (scale from 1 to 10).
  • Diffused tense situations by remaining polite and offering a variety of solutions to problems.
  • Calibrated instruments weekly and inspected them before each test.


Associate’s in Architectural Engineering Technology


Zane State College
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

Avid reader, particularly of sports and historical biographies. Volunteer at city food bank once a week. Founding member of local hiking club. Lead backpacking trips once a month during spring, summer, and fall.


NDT Inspector Job Overview and Tips

What Does an NDT Inspector Do?

NDT inspectors use non-destructive testing methods to test the safety of automobiles, buildings, boats, and other structures and vehicles. The methods they use leave the tested products intact. NDT inspectors must know how to run and interpret the results of a full range of tests, including ultrasounds, vibration analysis, fiber optics, and x-rays. This position requires a variety of technical proficiencies, so you should incorporate as many as you can into your CV. You should also highlight the skills and qualities that make you good at your job and demonstrate these aptitudes elsewhere in the CV. In the professional summary of the NDT inspector CV example, the candidate identifies himself as a problem solver, then goes on to provide examples of problems he has solved throughout his career.

Tips for Creating a Great NDT Inspector CV

  • Use your Professional Summary section to create a great first impression for potential employers. Take the opportunity to state some of your professional goals, career highlights, and unique qualities.
  • The Hobbies and Interests section is useful for adding a personal touch to your CV, but be careful not to include anything that may be viewed as controversial, such as religious or political activities.
  •  It is important to thoroughly represent your technical proficiencies, but be sure to represent your soft skills as well. For example, being a strong communicator may set you apart from other NDT inspector candidates.
  •  Unless you have over 10 years’ experience in your field, keep your CV to a single page in length. To stay at an acceptable length, you should choose concise language and include only your most relevant work experience.

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