A powerful resume can lead to countless opportunities. To make a positive first impression on your employer, you must have a well-written resume. What does a well-written resume look like? Visualize a document with a clean layout and detailed descriptions of your relevant experiences of skills, without careless errors in grammar, formatting, or inconsistent information. With the help of a resume template, you can see which resume formats work well, as well as how to give many details in a concise description of your past positions. In the engineering and science field, jobseekers must possess specific industry knowledge that can be acquired through education, laboratory and research, and relevant working experience. Some of these capabilities include knowledge of engineering and technology fields, familiarity with computer-aided design software, and problem-solving and deductive reasoning. For more guidance with incorporating specific experiences into your resume, use our engineering and science resume templates for Word on this page.

Aviation Engineer Resume Template for Word

In the role of an aviation engineer, employees don’t only need to possess a working knowledge of engineering, technology, and design, but they also must have a thorough understanding of physics and basic aviation techniques. While it may be tricky to create a balance of both engineering and aviation knowledge on your resume, our resume templates can guide you through a simple writing process.

Biologist Resume Template for Word

A thorough knowledge of biology and chemistry, paired with investigative and research skills, are necessary for a biologist. However, some of these skills are very theoretical and are difficult to describe in an application. Use our resume templates for assistance on taking these hard skills and transforming your experiences into a story.

Embedded Software Engineer Resume Template for Word

While relevant education and work experience are necessary for an embedded software engineer’s job, training and certifications are equally as important to demonstrate knowledge and preparedness. If you’re unsure of how and where to write about your training and certifications, then make sure to use our resume templates for guidance on how to showcase them.

Mathematician Resume Template for Word

Mathematicians must possess mastery over math and arithmetic, computer knowledge, and technological software. This is the foundation. However, mathematicians also need to think creatively and find innovative solutions. Feel free to use MyPerfectResume’s templates to discover how to demonstrate both technical and creative skills in your own resume.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Engineering and Science Resumes

A summary statement that is well-written will encourage your employer to continue reading your resume, establishing an effective, lasting impression. Your summary should include a concise account of related work experience, any certifications or training you’ve undergone, and your work style and passions. Always be specific—if you’re an electrical engineer, make sure you write that instead of only writing “engineer.” Another way to detail your summary is to name the products you have experience with, such as “worked with blue chip products.” Refer to MyPerfectResume’s engineering and science resume templates for Word for additional guidance and examples, such as the example below:

“Dedicated and meticulous civil engineer with 10 years of experience designing bridges and highways. ASCE certified. Deadline-oriented, motivated by creative efforts and veteran causes. Advocates for green planning procedures and environmental sustainability. Thrives well in structured environments focused on finishing projects efficiently and maintaining quality.”

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Engineering and Science Resume

In our increasingly competitive job market, quantifying your skills in your resume is crucial. While a resume is primarily qualitative, quantification is the only way for hiring managers to gain clear and tangible insight into your work experiences. Without the metrics to measure your experiences, you blend into the vast pool of applicants with similar capabilities, all vying for the same job. Engineers and scientists deal with quantification on a daily basis. Some areas that you can focus on can include: the number of structures built, number or ranking of reports curated, and investigations made. Below are a few examples of quantified bullets:

  • Created 12 completed blueprints for the new bridge initiative, including researched specifications and illustrations
  • Led a team of 5 research assistants in investigating the enzymatic process of DNA synthesis
  • Curated 3 research reports in the past year, each on a separate phase of mitosis in corn

Notice how these points incorporate multiple points of quantification, as well as many details outside of the numbers. When writing about your experiences, always think about how to tell a story, and how the quants can aid that story.

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