Fiber Optics Technician Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: April 27, 2022
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Searching for a new job can be stressful, but with an exceptionally written resume, you can get the fiber optics technician job that you want. Think of your resume as a marketing document; its sole purpose is to market you. This is your opportunity to call attention to your most valuable skills and proudest professional accomplishments. As a fiber optics technician, you need to have very specific technical skills. Be sure to carefully read the job posting so that you can tailor your skills section to fit the job description. In addition to highlighting your technical skills, be sure to discuss your soft skills so that the hiring manager knows you excel in communication and can work as a team member. Check out our fiber optics technician resume templates to guide you as you write your own.

fiber optics technician resume format


Fiber Optics Technician Resume Questions

1. How do you write an objective statement for a fiber optics technician resume?

In general, you’ll want to use a professional summary instead of a resume objective on your resume. Objective statements are a bit outdated, and they tend to focus on what you want rather than the assets you bring to a new job. A professional summary features information about how you meet the criteria for what a prospective employer wants. There are rare instances where an objective statement may work for you, such as when you’ve just graduated from college. In such cases, you may not have much professional experience until after you land your first job.

2. How can you highlight team experience on a fiber optics technician resume?

There are multiple opportunities in your resume for you to inform a recruiter about your team experience. In our fiber optics technician resume sample, you can observe that the candidate included the phrase “dedicated to working well in team settings” in his summary, the bullet point “interactive team player” in his qualifications, and a couple difference mentions of roles on teams in his work experience. These are all excellent places to feature your ability to function as part of a team.

3. How do you optimize your fiber optics technician resume for an ATS?

An ATS, or applicant tracking system, is simply a more automated way for recruiters to screen job candidates. Typically, these systems scan documents for certain keywords and filter out resumes that don’t include these words. The best way to ensure your resume makes it past an ATS is to use exact words and phrases from the job listing. For example, if the employer lists “works well on teams” as an important qualification, avoid rephrasing this as “does well in group settings.” Instead, use the exact phrase “works well on teams” in your document.

4. How do you make a fiber optics technician resume for a first job?

If you’re looking at our fiber optics technician resume sample and thinking you don’t know how to create a similar document since you don’t have any work experience, don’t worry. Not only are employers often excited to hire fresh talent, but we can provide you with step-by-step guidelines for creating a first-job resume with our resume builder and entry-level samples. In particular, using our resume builder allows you to craft a document that features your assets, knowledge and education, and qualifications.

5. How long should a fiber optics technician resume be?

It’s best to keep your resume to about one page in length. If you’re applying for a senior position that requires more experience, your document may go a bit longer. When recruiters view your resume digitally, you don’t want them to have to do a lot of scrolling, and if they print your file for distribution, you don’t want them to have to search for a stapler or paperclip unless it’s absolutely necessary. Our fiber optics technician resume sample provides a good example of ideal length.

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Resume Text

Jake McIver
123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip
Code Cell: 000-000-0000


Highly proficient Fiber Optics Technician efficiently installing fiber optic lines, performing general maintenance and responding to repair requests. Displaying a vast knowledge of electronics. Dedicated to working well in team settings to ensure optimal operation of newly installed or repaired lines.


  • Electro-optics knowledge
  • Data communications proficiency
  • Cable testing abilities
  • Expert use of diagnostic equipment
  • Excellent communicator
  • Interactive team player
  • Schedule flexibility

Work Experience

May 2012 to Present Company
Name — City, State
Fiber Optics Technician

  • Perform fiber optic testing, including optical spectrum analysis and comprehensive diagnostic assessments.
  • Assist with work on EOD devices and help with special projects at the request of supervisor.
  • Provide training and mentoring to new team members.
  • Install multiple-line and single-line fiber optic wires for residential and commercial projects.October 2008 to May 2012 Horizon Tech Solutions — City, State Fiber Optics Technician
  • Tested fiber optic lines after installation to confirm optimal operation.
  • Responded to emergency calls and performed initial troubleshoot to pinpoint the problem.
  • Provided cost-effective corrective solutions whenever possible.
  • Served as the head of the emergency response team.
  • Inventoried installation and repair supplies on trucks.November 2007 to September 2008 New Cityland Communications — City, State Fiber Optics Technician
  • Assisted the senior tech with new line installations, routine repairs and system maintenance.
  • Reviewed line installation maps and corrected data if errors were discovered.
  • Performed point-wise testing on the cables used for installation or replacement.
  • Prepared project status reports and test reports to document the results of routine line testing.
  • Assisted the emergency response team and went out on calls when customers reported issues with service.


2009 University of California, City, State Bachelor of Science, Engineering 2007 Community College of New Cityland, City, State Associate’s Degree, Telecommunications