There is no denying that applying for a job can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you want to begin the application process with confidence, make sure you create a curriculum vitae that will catch the attention of employers who read it. This simple document is designed to include all the information needed for hiring managers to make their decision. This includes working experience, acquired skills, and educational information. Before you begin writing your own CV, review this piping engineer CV example to get a better idea of what information you should include and what format you should follow.


Bridgette Smith

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced piping engineer with more than 10 years of experience working in contracting and specializing in piping design. Extensively familiar with the creation and implementation of piping blueprints. Excellent management experience to coordinate construction professionals and delegate tasks to maximize efficiency. Highly organized to meet deadlines and fulfill all administrative responsibilities. A candidate who prioritizes communication to avoid errors due to miscommunication. Able to implement analysis and evaluation skills to predict problems and prepare for them in advance.

  • Strong design knowledge, both practical and technical.
  • Extensive management and leadership experience, capable of delegating tasks and making decisions.
  • Excellent professional and interpersonal communication abilities, both written and oral.
  • Critical thinking, analysis, evaluation, and spatial awareness skills.
  • Highly organized professional with extensive experience fulfilling administrative responsibilities.
Work Experience
Piping Engineer
2015 to present



  • Evaluate and carefully consider the building pipes are to be installed in.
  • Interact with clients, answering questions and collaborating to meet expectations.
  • Create blueprint and provide information for construction crew to begin working efficiently.
  • Oversee all piping aspects of construction, delegating tasks and identifying areas in need of improvement.
  • Install pipes personally, putting standard contracting practices to use.
  • Maintain client satisfaction rate above 90 percent throughout career.

Piping Engineer Assistant
2011 to 2015



  • Provided support to piping engineer.
  • Relayed information to construction staff quickly and accurately.
  • Fetched documents, tools, staff members, or other equipment.
  • Provided insight during blueprint creation and planning phase.
  • Assisted multiple piping engineers on several different construction projects simultaneously.

2006 to 2011




  • Followed standard construction practices and safety precautions to effectively build as directed.
  • Worked alongside other contractors and clients to meet requirements quickly and efficiently.
  • Specialized in piping construction, assembly, and installation.
  • Performed repairs to ensure building is strong and ready for other contractors to continue building.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


University of Nevada
Professional Certificate of Engineering


Hobbies and Interests

To stay active, I make an effort to run on a daily basis, play soccer, and lift weights. I also volunteer my time when possible with a local charity organization. When I have time off, I enjoy traveling and I make an effort to immerse myself in different cultures.



Piping Engineer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Piping Engineer Do?

Piping engineers are responsible for all different aspects of pipe installation, maintenance, and repair. Any building has an elaborate piping system, which means there are many opportunities for employment as a piping engineer. They may also be employed as boiler operators to keep piping systems fully operational during normal daily circumstances. Normally, piping engineers are heavily involved in the initial design of a piping system. They may create the blueprints and manage other construction professionals to build and set up the system correctly and efficiently. These kinds of engineers must have extensive technical knowledge to do their job. As demonstrated on the above piping engineer CV example, it is wise to emphasize this knowledge on your own CV. Construction abilities, critical thinking and decision making, communication, management and leadership, and organizational abilities are also appealing attributes for piping engineer candidates to have.

Tips for Creating a Great Piping Engineer CV

Before you begin creating your CV with our CV maker, review these simple writing tips to make the most of it:

  • Do incorporate elements from each unique job description. Each opening is different, and using keywords from the description make you seem like a perfect match. It is a little more work to alter your CV slightly for each application, but doing so is sure to greatly improve your chances.
  • Do not forget to proofread your CV multiple times. It is easy for typographical errors to creep in, but these are unacceptable and will only damage the impression you create. You should also identify areas that can be improved to polish your CV.
  • Do use your summary section as a brief introduction to your CV. It should be between four and six lines long and include general information from throughout the rest of the CV.
  • Focus on your experience section, including the most and strongest information. List your previous positions in reverse order beginning with the most recent and begin every bullet point with a strong action verb.

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