If you want to get a quality control inspector position, then you need to show the hiring manager you are the best candidate through only a single piece of paper. Your CV plays an important role in getting the job you want, and when an employer has to look through dozens of applications, you need to ensure yours stands out and leaves an impression. There is a quality control inspector CV example provided here to show you what a great application looks like. Additional tips follow it to give you better insight into how you should format your CV.


Sheila Lara

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional quality control expert with years of experience ensuring every step of production processes is followed perfectly. Excellent knowledge of analytical software and a variety of tools such as spectrophotometers. Ability to keep accurate records and update digital management system regularly. Keen eye for detail and capable of troubleshooting problems that arise effectively so things can get back on track soon.

  • Reading comprehension skills to thoroughly review documents and blueprints to ensure everything is accurate, and make necessary changes when they arise
  • Critical thinking skills to examine a product and determine where it could be enhanced
  • Familiarity with content workflow software, photo imaging software, and program testing software
  • Knowledge of how to use tension testers and ultrasonic examination equipment
  • In-depth understanding of complex mathematical concepts, including calculus
Work Experience
Quality Control Inspector
December 2014 – Present



  • Conduct analysis of the production of new products from the initial design phases to final performance evaluations.
  • Interpret blueprint drawings and convey vital spec information to the employees working in the production process.
  • Constantly look for ways to improve operations, and once found a way to decrease a product’s production budget by 10 percent.
  • Determine failure rates and pinpoint areas to reduce those numbers.

Quality Control Analyst
October 2012 – December 2014



  • Performed visual inspections of final products to ensure they met all desired criteria in the initial blueprints.
  • Filled out documents, presented findings to employer, and filed those documents into digital bookkeeping system once findings were accepted and implemented.
  • Received raw materials for production processes to ensure they met company’s high standards.
  • Served as a liaison between the professionals on the production floor, various contractors, and the company’s vendors.

Quality Assurance Technician
June 2008 – October 2012




  • Supplied data to regulatory commissions so company could get all essential certifications to distribute the products.
  • Conducted audits after an item was on the market for some time to determine where future products could be improved.
  • Wrote technical reports, including trend analyses and deviation reports.


Bachelor of Science in Quality Control Management


National University
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy using the skills I have acquired as a quality control inspector toward another passion: cooking. Learning new recipes requires a keen eye for detail and ensuring everything is precisely right or else the final dish is not going to turn out nearly as good. I love passing on the cooking skills I have learned to my son, who just turned five.



Quality Control Inspector Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Quality Control Inspector Do?

Quality control inspectors ensure a product being made by a company meets all specifications and regulatory standards. This begins before production even starts, when the company needs to acquire the raw materials to build this line of products. After that, inspectors examine how the process is progressing, and they keep detailed notes. These reports are presented to employees at every level of the organization so everyone knows what is going on. Upon completion of the first line of products, the inspector will test it out to ensure it performs its desired function and is safe to use. In the event something needs to be fixed, the inspector will create a report stating what needs to be done. The quality control inspector CV example offered above shows you how all this information needs to be conveyed, so make sure you do not deviate from that structure too much.

Tips for Creating a Great Quality Control Inspector CV

A great CV will make you stand out when compared to all the other average CVs a hiring manager receives. All you need to do is use our CV maker and follow these tips:

  •  The Professional Summary at the top of your CV should offer a brief snapshot of what you have to offer the company.
  •  Under Work Experience, you generally do not have to include any positions you held over 10 years ago, because they will not be relevant to where you are in your career now.
  •  Each bullet point in the Work Experience section should begin with an interesting verb. Use a variety of verbs so you are not using the same ones repeatedly.
  •  You can leave out the date of your college graduation if you believe it would date you too much.
  •  List the tools and software you are familiar with, especially if you know for a fact this prospective employer would require you use them.

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