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Personal Vehicle Advisor Resume Sample
Personal Vehicle Advisor
Begin an exciting career in the auto industry by writing an effective presonal vehicle advisor resume today.
Are you a natural salesperson? Starting your career is as simple as writing a salesperson resume that showcases your strengths.
Retail Parts Pro
Retail Parts Pro
A successful retail parts pro resume requires that all of the elements that go into creating a successful associate have to be in place.
Commercial Parts Pro
Commercial Parts Pro
Land the job you’ve been waiting for with the help of our commercial parts pro Resume Sample.

Automotive Workers’ Tasks

Automotive technicians perform a wide range of duties, from simple maintenance like oil changes to major overhauls like bodywork and engine swaps. Working on cars is a passion for a lot of people, and many can translate that passion into a lucrative, fulfilling career. If you want to go into automotive work, you should decide if you want to specialize in a particular make of cars, a particular vintage, certain high-performance sports or performance cars, or if you just want to help people repair their everyday, regular commuting cars. If you’re good with your hands and have an aptitude for automotive work, you may be able to skip any formal education, provided you have the knowledge and experience required for the job.

Education & Experience

There are some excellent vocational and trade schools that allow you to get your hands dirty working on real or simulated vehicles, and eventually you’ll get a chance to work on actual customers’ cars. Before you choose an automotive school, be sure to do enough research on tuition cost, reliability and reputation, quality of education, and whether they offer certifications recognized by most garages. Fortunately, there are many automotive schools in many towns and cities, and if you have a backyard garage education on automotive repair, you may be able to get jobs based on referrals and word of mouth. Typically, mechanics who work on high-performance or high-end cars will require some sort of formal training.

Your Automotive Resume

After you’ve achieved your automotive education, you should put together an automotive resume. Your automotive resume may not be as nuanced and extensive as a college professor’s curriculum vitae, but it should be well written, grammatically correct, and free of typos. An automotive resume should be in a coherent order, either chronological or subject-based, and it should make sense. You can have a professor or career counselor at your school check out your automotive resume to make sure it has the kind of content that garages are looking for; it should highlight your experience and knowledge, because it’s hard to know how good you are at working on cars without actually seeing you do it.

Automotive Resume Questions

1. How do you make an automotive resume for a first job?

Creating an eye-catching resume for a first job can be daunting, but with the right guidance, and with a resume builder that provides step-by-step instructions and industry-specific text examples, it can be a little easier. Keep the document simple, and stick with a standard resume format, such as the one used in this automotive resume sample. Draw attention to relevant coursework and training. For instance, if you attended trade school, this is something to note.

Break up the next section, or what would be your experience section, into three main categories: leadership activities, achievements, and skills. Discuss any after-school or in-school organizations that you were a part of and your role within each. If you made the dean’s list, earned a scholarship, or accomplished any other achievements, illuminate them. Finally, discuss your relevant skills. You can use bullet points or discuss skills in the form of accomplishments.

2. How do you write the header of an automotive resume?

Keep your header simple, and only include the necessary contact information. This includes your name, physical address, phone number, and email address. If applicable, include links to any professional online profiles that you have. Center your header or right align it. Do not use the heading function to create this section, but rather, include this information in the body of your Word document.

3. What does a good automotive resume look like?

A strong resume is clean, simple, and easy to read. It utilizes standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri. Bold section headers, as well as your name in the heading section. All content, save for the information in the header, should be one font size.

A good resume follows the standard format: header, followed by a brief professional summary, followed by six to eight bullet-pointed qualifications, followed by your work history. A brief academic summary should go at the end of the document. If you possess any relevant certifications, awards, or licenses, include those as well. Refer to this automotive resume sample for what a strong resume looks like.

4. How do you write the qualifications section of an automotive resume?

The qualifications section is the most straight-forward part of any resume, save for the header. It should include only six to eight bullet points of your most valuable skill sets. When trying to determine which are most valuable, refer to the job description, making sure you use the terms verbatim. Doing so will both catch the hiring manager’s attention and help your resume bypass an ATS, or applicant tracking system, which scans resumes and applications for keywords.

5. What technical skills should you put on an automotive resume?

When deciding which technical skills to illuminate on your document, refer to the job description. This should give you a good idea of what traits and capabilities an employer values the most. List those skills in the qualifications section, and any other related skills in your work history. You may also use the resume builder for industry-specific text examples and to build a submission as perfect as this automotive resume sample.

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