Resume Templates: Audio Engineer


Resume Templates: Audio Engineer

Audio Engineer Resume Questions

1. How do you make an audio engineer resume with no experience?

If you have little or no working experience in the audio engineering field, creating your resume is no simple task. As you can see from our audio engineer resume sample, you normally would make your experience section the largest and include the most information there. Because this is not possible when you have no working experience, you must shift focus elsewhere.

Many experts recommend going into greater detail about your education. You can describe a school project or how you developed the skills necessary to audio engineering. Another option is to focus on your qualifications and abilities. Be sure to mention any volunteer, freelance, or internship work you have done.

2. How should you structure your audio engineer resume?

There is a standard resume format that you should follow closely. Many employers reject candidates simply because they deviate from this standard. There are four main sections for you to describe different aspects of your professional qualifications.

First is the summary, which you should use as a hook to encourage hiring managers to keep reading. Next is the qualifications section, which essentially describes your skills. The experience section details previous jobs and is usually the largest section. The education section closes the document by describing your studies.

3. What technical skills should you put on an audio engineer resume?

You can see some of the most common skills for this industry on our audio engineer resume sample. Keep in mind that the particular set of skills you include is unique to you, as well as to each job you apply for. Do not simply copy the technical skills on the example. Think carefully about which will improve your chances.

A good strategy is to review the job description to see which skills the employer prioritizes. For a position as technical as audio engineering, you should include specific and detailed descriptions to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. Our step-by-step resume builder helps you be certain you present your skills effectively.

4. How do your list certifications on your audio engineer resume?

There is not a dedicated section for certifications in the standard resume format. You can create this type of section if you want to, however. If you take this approach, try placing it at the end of your resume and potentially combining it with other information, such as education or affiliations.

Alternatively, you can simply include your certifications in an existing section. In most cases, this information should appear in the qualifications section.

5. What format should your audio engineer resume be in?

The file format of your resume is actually not as important as you might think. You can focus on the content of your resume, rather than the format, by using our audio engineer resume sample as a guide. As long as you choose one of the standard file formats, such as a raw text file, PDF, or Microsoft Word document, you’ll most likely meet employer’s expectations.

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Resume Text

John Tall 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Versatile Audio Engineer who can work in broadcast, live performance and recording situations with equal efficiency. Adept at maintaining sound levels in any kind of room, utilizing computer sound mixing equipment and sound design. Specializes in live stage productions and in-studio performances.


  • Exceptionally strong sound design capabilities
  • Very strong part of a good team
  • Excellent understanding of sound physics
  • Physically fit and able to move large sound equipment
  • Able to work in multiple sound settings in the same day
  • Willing to travel and work out of town

Work Experience

November 2011 to February 2015 ACME Sound Systems – New Parkland, CA Audio Engineer
  • Responsible for giving final approval to all sound designs done for larger halls and rooms.
  • Assisted in doing initial presentations to clients to give the technical side of a sound installation.
  • Assisted in maintaining strong working relationships with sound equipment manufacturers.
October 2006 to November 2011 Freeland Sound – New Parkland, CA Audio Engineer
  • Part of a team that would design and then implement large sound systems for touring live productions.
  • Often asked to do sound design work for television and movie sound stages.
  • Responsible for designing and implementing full live sound systems for large night clubs and small auditoriums.
June 1999 to October 2006 Rick Sound – New Parkland, CA Audio Engineer
  • Assisted in designing large sound systems for repeat clients.
  • Part of a maintenance team that would go out and do repair and maintenance work on all types of live sound systems.


1999 Starlight University, New Parkland, CA Bachelor of Science, Audio Engineering