Entry Level Electrical Engineer Resume Examples & Guide

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: December 27, 2022
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entry level electrical engineer resume sample

Entry Level Electrical Engineer Resume Questions

1. How should you structure your entry-level electrical engineer resume?

Before you begin writing your resume, stop to think about how you will organize it. It turns out that there is a standard resume format many jobseekers fail to follow, even though the majority of hiring managers expect to see it. In fact, using this format is so important, many employers reject resumes outright if they use a different structure.

The simple, standard structure appears on our entry-level electrical engineer resume sample. You should include the following sections: summary statement, qualifications, experience, and education. For entry-level positions, the experience section is usually removed or shortened.

2. How can you highlight team experience on an entry-level electrical engineer resume?

Team experience is an important quality for electrical engineers to have. To emphasize this attribute on your resume, you should include it in every section of your resume template. It fits especially well in the summary and the qualifications section. Keep in mind that you can use this same technique to emphasize any aspect you prioritize, instead of just teamwork.

3. How do you make an entry-level electrical engineer resume with no experience?

It is important for you to realize that many aspects need to be different for your resume if you have never had a job before. While creating this kind of resume is normally a huge challenge, we created our entry-level electrical engineer resume sample to show you how you can tackle this task.

Typically, you should shift focus from the experience section to the skills and education sections. Describe how you developed the skills you need, whether that was through a school project or an internship. Our resume builder can help you further, making the writing process customizable while handing the most difficult aspects automatically.

4. How do you write the header of an entry-level electrical engineer resume?

The header of your resume should be short so the readers almost does not notice it. You want the first thing they see to be the summary statement, which acts as a hook. You can see the information you need to include in our entry-level electrical engineer resume sample: your full name, email address, and phone number. Including your mailing address is optional. Consider writing your header in a smaller typeface to manage the length and appearance of your resume. Check out our resume examples page for more resume header samples.

5. Should you include references on an entry-level electrical engineer resume?

Even for entry-level positions, we highly recommend not including references on your resume. The only kind of resume where this is acceptable is for entry-level positions; however, the space almost always has better potential. Most employers assume references are available upon request, so you can leave them off and use the space to further emphasize your abilities and qualification. Keep in mind that some employers do want to see references and will likely request them on the job description.

Resume Text

Wendy R. Hoffman

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000

Graduate looking for Entry Level Electrical Engineer position. Familiar with latest innovations in renewable energy and engineering projects involving the development of switch-mode electronic drives and converters for use in wind-energy conversions. Well-versed in circuit theory, sustainable electric energy, and digital electronics and design. With proficiency in industry standards, ready to build company reputation with innovative applications and designs.


  • IEEE, Society of Women Engineers, FE
  • Circuit analysis and theory
  • Controller and microprocessor design and maintenance
  • VLSI design and troubleshooting
  • Linux, UNIX and Windows
  • C, C++, Java, HTML, SQL
  • Logic design
  • Digital electronics
  • Electrical design and repair
  • 3.8 GPA

Work Experience
August 2014 to March 2015
Company Name, City, State
Electrical Engineer Intern

  • Part of intern team that redesigned traffic flow to manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic in busiest sector of Cityland.
  • Worked with Senior Electrical Engineer in the fundamentals of grounding and bonding.
  • Performed regular machine component analysis and recommended necessary repair and upgrades.
  • Examined circuit boards to locate issues and initiated repair under supervision.
  • Conducted regular computer tests alongside engineers at both main and local branch offices.
  • Proofed documentation about induction motors and power electronics for distribution to clients and employees.
  • Assisted Program Head with project management training.
  • Attended range of project management training sessions.
  • Presented at nuclear resonance engineering workshops.

2015 University of California, City, State
Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering