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Why Are You the Best Candidate for This Position?

One of the most common interview questions asked by hiring managers across all industries is "why are you the best candidate for this position?" Other forms of this question include "why should we hire you?" and "what makes you think you are qualified for this position?" Although these interview questions may seem confrontational in nature- the hiring manager is simply trying to figure out if you are indeed better qualified than the other job candidates he or she has already interviewed.

Not to mention- while this question is notoriously dreaded by job applicants- you will have nothing to fear if you simply figure out in advance how you will answer. So give some thought to what experience and skills are required for the position- and prepare to talk about how you excel in those areas. With adequate forethought and preparation- you can really set yourself apart from other candidates when answering this particularly difficult question.

How to Answer the 'Why Are You the Best Candidate for This Position?' Interview Question

Give Your Elevator Pitch: There is no better time to show off the succinct- 30-second elevator pitch that you have prepared than right after you are asked why you're the most qualified candidate for the job. If you have not yet created your elevator pitch- now is the perfect time to do so! At its basic level- the elevator pitch is intended to give the interviewer an intriguing overview of your abilities- experience- attributes and skills. Your elevator pitch should showcase why you are not just a great candidate- but the best candidate for the position.

Tailor Your Answer to the Job Listing: This is one of the most effective ways to present yourself as the most qualified candidate for the job at hand. Your interviewer is looking for a very specific set of skills and attributes in each job applicant- and they have recorded exactly what they are looking for in the job listing. If you haven't done so already- print out the original job listing and study it carefully. Pay attention to the list of required skills- and watch for any common themes or duplications. If the job listing mentions similar things like "strong communication skills"- "written skills" and "interdepartmental cooperation"- then you can bet that communication is an essential qualification for the job. In this example- if you do not incorporate communication skills into your answer- you have a lower chance of being selected for the position.

Make Sure Your Answer Mirrors Corporate Values: While it is imperative to showcase your relevant skills in your answer- keep in mind that the interviewer also wants to ensure how you would be a good team member. Take some time to delve into the company's background and find out as much as you can about it and its culture. Does the company frequently donate to worthy causes- and do they put a lot of emphasis on community service? If so- you may want to mention any volunteer work you have done- even if volunteer work is not specifically on the job listing. Similarly- if you notice the company has developed a culture of superior customer service- talk about how much you value customer feedback and give examples to showcase how you excel in client relations. Any time you can mirror the company's values in your answer you will help yourself stand out as a perfect fit for the job and the company culture in general.

Other Interview Questions You May Be Asked:

1. What skills do you think you can bring to this position? I understand that you are looking for someone with excellent communication skills. I have a great deal of experience in both oral and written presentations. I have given these presentations in small group settings as well as large- corporate-wide meetings. I am also adept at identifying customer problems- communicating efficiently with them via email- and solving their problems in a way that ensures their satisfaction while earning their continued loyalty and trust.

2. Why would you be interested in a job? I noticed from studying the job listing that you need candidates with strong management skills. A great manager needs to have excellent critical thinking skills in order to solve problems- and should be capable of delegating responsibilities. In my previous job- I identified a cooperation problem involving multiple departments and took steps necessary to correct it. Through strategic delegation- I gave each member of my team a very specific responsibility aimed towards improving interdepartmental communication. I also spoke with the manager of the other department involved and encouraged him to do the same. The end result was more effective communication- enhanced cooperation and improved productivity between both departments.

3. Would you be a good team member? Now that you have some great ideas for answering one of the most dreaded interview questions- get ready to make a lasting impression and knock your job interview out of the park!

4. Do you think you are qualified for this position? To answer this question use the elevator pitch you've prepared. Again, there is no better time to show off your 30-second elevator pitch than when you are asked why you're the most qualified candidate for the job. If you have not yet created your elevator pitch- now is the perfect time to do so!

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