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What It’s like to Work in the Hair Stylist Field

The primary role of a hair stylist is to beautify a client’s hair. This is accomplished through a variety of methods, including cutting, styling, coloring, shaping, bleaching, shampooing, trimming, curling, straightening and other ways. A hair stylist also provides other beauty services, such as scalp massage and treatment, facials, makeup application, and nail treatment.
Since a hair stylist typically works at a salon or barber shop, they may have administrative duties. These can include tasks like maintaining the appointment calendar, selling beauty products, cleaning, and handling the cash register. Each client has different needs, so it’s important that hair stylists are attentive to detail and provide honest recommendations. Every hair stylist must also meet cosmetology licensing requirements for their state. This usually entails a certain number of class and training hours as well as passing various exams.

Benefits of Working in the Hair Stylist Field

Hair stylists can earn anywhere from $10 to over $25 per hour, depending on location, the quality of the barber shop, and their own experience. With tips, hair stylists can make a decent income, and since the industry is expanding, many jobs are stable. While most are self-employed, some get partial or full benefits from the salon that hires them. Moreover, if they further their education, save money, and gain experience, a hair stylist can obtain higher-paying work within the beauty industry as a sales consultant or become an owner or partner of a salon later in their career.
In addition to compensation, hair stylists also get the chance to help a person look better and feel more confident about their appearance. For many, this benefit is the best part of being a hair stylist. Moreover, many hair stylists choose the field simply because they have a passion for cosmetology; getting to do something they enjoy every day for a career is what makes this field so great for them.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Most hair stylists are employed as independent contractors through a barber shop, which means having a resume is important for highlighting why one is suitable for a position. A hair stylist cover letter offers an even better chance of obtaining that position, as this important piece of an application gives candidates the opportunity to show they possess the intangible qualities that make a great hair stylist: kind, outgoing, humorous, attentive to detail, and creative. Writing an excellent hair stylist cover letter isn’t hard as long as candidates use the proper resources and think about what makes them great. Sites like MyPerfectResume can offer lots of direction in creating an impeccable hair stylist cover letter.


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