Certified Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Many companies ask for a cover letter to accompany your resume in order to learn a little bit more about you as a prospective employee. You do not want to use the same cover letter for every position. Each one needs to be specifically tailored for the job you hope you get. If you need a few pointers on how to accomplish this, consult with the free certified pharmacy technician cover letter sample given below.

Dear Ms. Massey,

Looking through the responsibilities Foothill Pharmacy is asking for, I believe I have the skills and experiences essential to succeed. I am fully confident in my abilities to assist the staff pharmacist in any way possible while contributing to the overall team dynamic.

Confirming accurate information on each prescription order is essential, and I have seven years of experience doing just that at my last job at Eastville Pharmacy. We had over 200 clients that needed prescriptions filled on a weekly and monthly basis. Any time information got changed, I made certain to inform the staff pharmacist and change that information within our database promptly.

I also understand the importance of excellent customer service at a pharmacy. In my seven years as a pharmacy technician, I have never received a single complaint from a customer. I also go above and beyond to ensure people get their prescriptions. For example, we had one client at Eastville that was unable to leave her home. She only lived a mile away, so I would drop off her medication whenever she needed more.

From my technical expertise to my outgoing personality, I believe I am the best fit for your open position. I would be more than happy to discuss my qualifications further. Thank you for your consideration.

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What to Include in a Certified Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter

Every great cover letter needs to have some basic qualities. It needs to have a laser focus on whatever the topic is, remain relevant to what the company needs, and use detailed information. As you can see from the free certified pharmacy technician cover letter sample above, you can keep your letter short and succinct. Finally, always send your letter as a PDF if you are emailing it.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You do not want your cover letter to be so vague that it could apply to virtually any position. Like we did in the free certified pharmacy technician cover letter sample above, try to throw in specific skills that are relevant to the industry.

● Math skills: You will be responsible for compounding medications and counting pills, which requires a basic understanding of mathematics.
● Customer service: Pharmacy technicians work with the general public all the time and should have a personable demeanor.
● Organization: You will have numerous tasks to complete at any given time and should be capable of completing them all in a timely manner.
● Listening skills: Whether you are speaking with a pharmacist or customer, you need to know exactly what they are saying to offer assistance.