Special Education Teacher Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Most people realize how important a well-written resume is, but few job applicants devote much time to their cover letter. They are missing out on an opportunity to make a great first impression and really sell themselves as the best candidate. In most industries, a cover letter is an expected introduction you must make when you send your resume. In it, you must explain how you are the top choice for the open position. It’s beneficial to look at example cover letters, such as this free special education teacher cover letter sample below.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I am a top educator who has devoted her life to helping children discover their potential. My passion for teaching children with special needs makes me the perfect candidate for the open special education teacher position. I would like to be considered for this position for next fall.

I bring many years of experience to the classroom as a special educator. I have three years of experience in the elementary setting, like the job posting requires. In my years at the elementary school, I worked with students from kindergarten to fifth grade.

In addition to having worked with children at the elementary school level, I also feel confident in my abilities to process IEP documents. I am a strong case manager and advocate for all of my students, and I strive to work with parents to help students make progress. I am a team player with the general faculty and other support staff when it comes to educating the child wholly.

I would be pleased to join your team of outstanding teachers, and I think my skills and experiences would make a good fit. I am grateful for your consideration of me for this position, and I welcome the opportunity to meet you in an interview in the future.

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What to Include in a Special Education Teacher Cover Letter

If you really want your cover letter to shine, you need to focus on selling your most valuable qualities that show how suitable you are for the job. You must include new information about your skills beyond your resume details like in the free special education teacher cover letter sample. Additionally, aim to address specific job responsibilities for the job that you’re seeking.

Industry Specifics to Include

Aspiring special educators can take advantage of the best practices for cover letters by looking over this free special education teacher cover letter sample. Here are some things hiring managers or principals may be looking for in a teacher candidate:

● Patience: In order to find success in education, aspiring teachers must be patient with young learners.
● Resourcefulness: With reduced budgets and more teacher requirements, educators must show resourcefulness in their personality.
● Strong ability to communicate: Teachers must demonstrate strong communication skills when writing or speaking.
● Professional attitude: To show how serious a candidate is, he or she must maintain a professional attitude at all times.