Most of the time, great job opportunities do not just come knocking. Usually, it takes hard work to land interviews and get yourself hired. However, you are more likely going to stand out to hiring managers if you enter your job search with a remarkable CV by your side. Our CNC machinist CV example and writing tips are like your roadmap and compass on this journey. Use them to guide you along the way as you start writing a CV of your own.

Tom West

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Seasoned fabricator specializing in CNC machining. Experienced with mills, lathes, and plasma cutters. Program commands into machines and monitor cutting process. Detect and respond to errors in software and machines. Devise methods for improving efficiency and reducing production costs. Take advantage of all opportunities to advance expertise.

Work Experience
Lead CNC Machinist
2014- Present


  • Operate and maintain plasma cutter for engineering company.
  • Collaborate with engineering team to develop workable prototypes, and explain machine capabilities so team members can generate accurate designs.
  • Calculate labor and materials necessary to produce desired orders, and provide estimates to engineers.
  • Modify designs to maximize quality and production speed.
  • Redesigned manufacturing process to reduce material waste, and saved department $100,000 per year in materials.
  • Input computer commands and supervise machine during cutting.
  • Train novice CNC machinists in best practices for fabrication, maintenance, and safety.

CNC Machinist


  • Operated plasma-cutting machine experiencing frequent failures, and introduced new maintenance and cleaning schedule that drastically reduced occurrence of failures, saving $200,000 per year in labor and overhead costs.
  • Organized work materials for optimal efficiency and ease of access, tracked personal and departmental inventory, and ordered new materials as necessary.
  • Recognized errors, investigated their sources, modified program codes, and altered machinery as necessary to eliminate errors.

CNC Machinist



  • Operated and maintained CNC mill and lathe.
  • Prepared machines for cutting by choosing appropriate tooling, placing workpieces, and mounting fixtures according to design specifications.
  • Tailored machine operating speed to the project at hand.
  • Ensured machine parts had adequate cooling time, and lubricated them between uses.
  • Replaced cutting components when they became too dull.
  • Promoted efficiency by preparing jobs awaiting production.
  • Wrote programs to test interaction between computers and cutting machines.


Machining Level I


National Institute for Metalworking Skills
High School Diploma


Monongahela High School
Hobbies and Interests

Passionate about boating and fishing. Compete in BassFest every year. Coach youth basketball for local YMCA. Volunteer with local senior center, visiting assisted living residents and working in the games room.

Questions for Your CNC Machinist CV

 How many bullet points do you include with each job in a CNC machinist CV?

As you describe your work experience, you want to include enough information so readers understand your skill sets, but not so much that they get bored. Most CV-writing experts suggest including between five and eight bullet points per job. However, as you can see on the CNC machinist CV sample, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you don’t have as much to say about a position, make sure what you do say is important. The sample writer discussed his important daily activities, accomplishments, and responsibilities for each position.

 How do you write an objective statement for a CNC machinist CV?

Most CVs don’t include an objective statement anymore. Employers would rather learn who you are and what you have to offer than what you want in a job. If you have little related experience, you can still use an objective statement, but most professionals should create a summary statement instead.

As you write this section, try to point out why you would be a good person for the job. Keep the paragraph short. You could even break it into three bullet points if you wanted to.

 How should you structure your CNC machinist CV?

The structure of your CV depends on your experience. On the CNC machinist CV sample, the applicant included the sections in a fairly standard order — professional summary, skills, work experience, education, and hobbies and interests. However, if you recently graduated from college, you may want to put your education first to ensure it gets the proper emphasis.

As you structure your document, make sure to use a consistent format. Incorporate section headers, short paragraphs, and bulleted lists into the structure to ensure your entire document is easy to read.

 How should you present software knowledge on a CNC machinist CV?

As a CNC machinist, you have to be familiar with certain software programs. These skills will allow you to properly run the machines you’re in charge of. You can present your software knowledge in a variety of ways. First, you could briefly skim over your familiarity with certain software programs in the professional summary paragraph. Second, you could include the software programs you are familiar with in your skills section. Third, you could give examples of how you use your software knowledge in the work experience section. Finally, you could create a special software knowledge section to emphasize your computer-related skills.

 How do you make a CNC machinist CV for a first job?

When you don’t have any related experience, creating a stand-out CV gets challenging. Because you don’t have related experience, you want to emphasize other areas. You may want to put your skills, education, and hobbies and interests sections above your experience. Try to show how you honed necessary skills through your coursework, volunteer experience, and extracurricular activities. If you do include unrelated experience, make sure you point out how those past jobs prepared you to be a CNC machinist.

While the CNC machinist CV sample uses an applicant who has related experience, you can still use this document for inspiration. No matter how much experience you have, you can get step-by-step help crafting your resume from our resume builder.

CNC Machinist CV Must-Haves

What Does a CNC Machinist Do?

CNC machinists operate computer numerical control machines, which are used to cut figures from metal or plastic sheets. These figures are then used in a wide variety of industrial applications such as machining and fabrication. CNC machinists assign commands to their machines from computer programs, monitor the cutting process, and troubleshoot issues as they arise. In your CV, you should emphasize your comfort with both machinery and computer programming. This will highlight your versatility as an employee. CNC machinists are also responsible for maintaining and cleaning their machines to keep performance optimal. The candidate in the CNC machinist CV example stressed his organization and work ethic, demonstrating that he values the quality of both his machine and its products.

Tips for Creating a Great CNC Machinist CV

It’s time to start writing, but first, consider these tips:

  • CNC machinists have to notice and respond to small errors that their machines make. In your CV, you should mention that you value precision, as this will help you perform your job duties better.
  • Since CNC machinists work with both computers and machines, problem-solving is part of their daily lives. Make sure to show you are comfortable with encountering issues as you work and can get to the root of them.
  • If you have been in the working world for a while, there are a few things to keep in mind about dates on your CV. First, it is acceptable to omit graduation dates if you so desire. Second, you should not include your entire work history. Instead, write only about positions you have held in the last 10 years.
  • Â Make sure to proofread your CV before you submit it. It is often helpful to have a trusted friend take a look for you.

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