Welder Resume Example

Job Description & Responsibilities

A welder resume can cover tasks in a variety of fields. A welder can work as a cutter for a demolition company, or as a sheet metal worker for a large metal fabrication company. Your welder resume should include specifics on the kind of work you’ve done in the past and the kinds of materials you’ve worked with.

You’ll also need to mention the conditions under which you’ve worked in the past. For example, your welder resume should mention if you’ve done work on tall buildings. A welder resume lists all of the responsibilities of a welder, including maintaining his equipment and making sure there’s enough working materials from day to day. Welders are also responsible for understanding their safety needs for each job.

Education & Training for Welder Resume

A welder resume must include a high school diploma or equivalent, and training at a technical school. Many successful welder resumes will list each of the courses that were taken as part of a trade school program to help employers understand the applicant’s full background.

Welders must complete a special training course for each kind of welding they want to do. Your welder resume should indicate what kind of training you have taken and where you did your apprenticeship as well. Most good welder resumes indicate an apprenticeship of at least one to two years.

Salary Range & No Need to Change Alt texts

Apprentice welders can expect to make around $24,000 per year. Once your welder resume has a few years of experience on it, you can expect to make between $33,000 and $59,000 per year. We have the welder resume templates you need to make sure that all of your information is included.

Welder Resume Questions

1. How long should a welder resume be?


Most hiring managers spend just a few seconds before deciding whether to move a resume onto the next stage of elimination. For this reason, you want your document to be as concise as possible. As you can see from our welder resume sample, your resume should be about one or two pages in length. If you have limited experience working in welding and construction, you should plan on keeping it to just a page.

2. How do your list certifications on your welder resume?


As a welder, you may possess several certifications instead of traditional university experience. Instead of listing an education section on your resume, plan on including a certifications sections. Here, you can detail the certifications you possess as they relate to the welding industry.

For each certification, include the official title of the certification, where you earned the certification, and the date of graduation. If you have multiple certifications, list them in chronological order with the most recent earned placed at the top of this section.

3. How should you structure your welder resume?


Your resume should follow the same basic format as our welder resume sample. Generally speaking, it should include an education and training section, skills section, work experience section, and header delineating your name and contact information.

Depending on the job description, you may also want to include a hobbies and interests section as well as a references section. You can also use our step-by-step resume builder if you want to easily format your resume and get back to your job search in a matter of minutes.

4. How do you write the header of a welder resume?


The header is one of the first things employers see when they pick up your resume. Plan on making the text of this section bold and in a larger resume font than the rest of this document to ensure employers can easily find your name and contact information.

Your header should include your first and last name, your address, the best number to contact you at, and your email address. Before you submit your resume, make sure this information is accurate so potential employers do not have a hard time getting in touch with you if they want to schedule an interview.

5. How do you write a welder resume?


As you write your resume, the best place to start is by reviewing our welder resume sample. Then you should outline your document with the critical sections described above

Review the job posting to determine which skills the employer is looking for as well as any special requirements for your application. Incorporate keywords from the posting, and only include information relevant to the open position. For example, showcase any experience you have as a welder or other construction work over prior professional experience in the retail industry.


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