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Todd Van Wagner

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional QA tester with nearly 15 years of experience providing companies with accurate and thorough testing and analysis of manufacturing processes. Profound understanding of using samples, control points, and process variables to test a product’s quality, reliability, and functionality. Skilled researcher who gathers feedback from consumers, requirements from executive management, and knowledge of line workers to establish variables to test and outcomes to look for. Six Sigma and ISO certified with a strong understanding of effective and confidential tracking, documentation, and reporting procedures for future reference and analysis.

  • Skilled oral and written communication skills to effectively delegate, report, document, and track testing results and timetables.
  • Attention to detail to guarantee that no valuable details are overlooked during documentation, and to effectively order and articulate findings for reference by other departments.
  • Six Sigma and ISO certified for a profound understanding of quality assurance testing, identifying control points, and implementing process variables and measurements.
  • Expert tester in using a variety of tools from calipers and gauges to sophisticated software for thorough exploration and analysis of a product’s quality.
  • Organization and time management expertise to guarantee that tests are completed the right way, in the right order, and in conjunction with time limitations set by management.
Work Experience
Quality Assurance Tester
2010 – present



  • Develop tests and identify variables to be tested through breakdown of components for further analysis.
  • Test designated samples for missing components, malfunctioning units, and general product imperfections such as cracks, chips, or assembly discrepancies that impact the product’s performance.
  • Document and track each piece, part, or product pulled from assembly due to damage, and maintain an organized history of information for reference from executive management.

Quality Assurance Test Assistant
2003 – 2010



  • Organized tests to be run, determined that all variables were accurately put in place, and informed line workers of pending analysis.
  • Used automation software to schedule specific tests to be run during periods of downtime when company operations wouldn’t be affected by limitations.
  • Translated documentation information in a way that was informational and accessible for executive management.

Quality Assurance Intern
2002 – 2003




  • Collaborated with superiors to order tests, arrange timing and logistics, and set variables to accurately assess a product’s quality.
  • Participated in the completion of nearly 1,000 customer surveys to attain feedback to be used in determining necessary product improvements and developments.
  • Presented monthly reports to a panel of executives and shareholders to discuss test results and analysis findings.


Six Sigma Certification


Aveta Business Institute
ISO Certification


Aveta Business Institute
Hobbies and Interests

I am a regular volunteer at the local homeless shelter, where I serve meals and work with residents on resume creation. I enjoy re-building classic cars and am currently renovating a 1964 Company Name Mustang. I love spending time with my family and traveling to new places.



QA Tester Job Overview and Tips

What Does a QA Tester Do?

QA testers are tasked with guaranteeing quality assurance on all products by running sophisticated tests. Often, these tests are run on a sample of parts or products. As a QA tester, your responsibilities may include the development and identification of applicable tests, running critical tests to ensure the quality of products, documentation of test results and inputs, including control points and process variables. Other responsibilities involve analyzing, translating, and organizing test results into reports that are accessible and informative to executives and shareholders who need that information to make crucial decisions in the organization. Important skills include oral and written communication, attention to detail, time management, and critical thinking. This QA tester CV example is a demonstration of how to talk about these types of skills in a way that is clear and engaging.

Tips for Creating a Great QA Tester CV

The following tips are good starting points as you prepare your CV using our CV maker:

  • Use the Professional Summary section to discuss your expertise in the industry. You could talk about your QA certifications, testing abilities, communication skills, and commitment to bettering product quality, among other things.
  • Written communication is a critical skill to possess as a QA tester, especially when it comes time to document test results. With careful content selection and attentive editing, you can demonstrate this skill firsthand in your CV.
  • Continue to build your reputation in the Hobbies and Interests section by sharing information that is applicable to the skills you have already listed. Avoid oversharing and keep the content professional and interesting.
  • In the Skills section, focus on skills that were listed in the job description so you can show your attention to detail and position yourself as the most qualified candidate.

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