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One of the absolute best things you can do to boost your chances of receiving an invitation for an interview is drafting an impressive CV that details your professional qualifications, experience, skills, and education. Each section and a few writing tips are included in the diesel mechanic CV example you see below. Put it to good use as you are working on your own CV to see how to properly format and complete your own document.
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AnnieE. Mouse

123 Woodland Ave Apartment 2-B,Anytown, Anystate 11111

E: mouseae@email.com P: (555) 555-5555

Professional Summary

Highly motivated, experienced digital marketing executive brings a decade of experience to a growing company desiring new media expertise and a dynamic approach to marketing plan development and management. I am skilled in building productive teams of engaged employees and networking with experts in various media fields to develop solutions to the challenges faced by any company in the modern economy. I am ready to reinvigorate a flagging marketing department or support the work accomplished by other executives and directors.

    -Strategy development integrating innovative digital resources. -Leveraging human capital to achieve target growth indicators. -Steering department with informed and decisive leadership. -Communicating with clients to resolve concerns and address questions. -Delivering results identified by leadership and stakeholders.
Work Experience
Executive of Digital Marketing-
August 2011 – January 2017

WidgeTech Apps

  • Oversaw departmental operations of up-and-coming app development company.
  • Spearheaded launch of Where’s My Cat? Game app for multiple platforms.
  • Steered quarterly growth through assessment of past performance and data-driven marketing predictions.
  • Secured financial resources for specific marketing projects and general departmental operations.
  • Mentored junior team members in leadership, decision making, budget development, and proposal creation.

Senior Marketer Digital Division
February 2007 – May 2011

Rocket Media

  • Identified crucial market changes and provided leadership in adapting to changing economic concerns.

  • Supported other senior decision makers in steering company through board of directors transition.

  • Augmented and approved successful marketing campaign proposals that drove sales and market growth for clients.

  • Implemented training in new media use in marketing and advertising for employees.

  • Developed data-driven solutions to lead department and company to identified growth goals.

Junior Digital Marketer –
May 2005 – January 2007

WhizBang Media Consultants

  • Supported senior team members with research skills, market analytics, and statistics used in quarterly reporting for leaders and stakeholders.
  • Led new team members in identifying innovative approaches to messaging deployment on new media.
  • Developed effective multi-platform marketing messages that boosted sales for company clients.
  • Tracked traffic flow and click-through data to determine most efficient messaging strategies for innovative products and services.
  • Participated in a team-focused department driven by a commitment to client satisfaction and accelerated performance.

Bachelor Degree; Business Administration and Management

Anystate University

Hobbies and Interests

I am an enthusiastic technology early adopter and like discovering new and exciting gadgets. My family and I visit special museum exhibits and participate in volunteer work with local animal shelters.

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Digital Marketing Executive CV Must-Haves

What Does a Digital Marketing Executive Do?

A digital marketing executive can be expected to wear many hats, especially when working for a relatively small company or a company that is just getting started. As an executive, this person has the responsibility of making leadership decisions for the departments under his or her direction. This can mean overseeing various hiring operations, especially of management talent.

As an expert digital marketer, you would need to stay informed of the latest trends and news regarding technology, social media, and advertising culture; some of this can be seen in the digital marketing executive CV example attached. Reviewing news materials as well as industry publications informs departmental strategizing and future engagement efforts. A digital marketing executive may also work closely with clients to develop marketing proposals for their brands, products, and services, then oversee the deployment of these proposals and track their success.

Tips for Creating a Great Digital Marketing Executive CV

Here are tips you can use right away in creating your digital marketing executive CV:

-Demonstrate how you have delivered results for companies and for any clients you have represented.
-Identify concrete outcomes that your actions and leadership helped drive and ultimately achieve.
-List problem-solving successes and the facts and figures attesting to your effective leadership.
-Show how you remain connected to marketing trends and technological developments.
-Specify marketing strategies you have used and how they have been applied in your previous positions.
-Use clear, concise sentences.
-Double-check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
-Aim to keep your CV around two pages long.


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