Entry Level Mechanic Resume Sample


 Being a mechanic is all about skill and experience–the more you work in the field, the better you can understand any problem that gets thrown your way. As an entry level mechanic, however, you won’t have as much experience as other professionals. Because of this, it’s important to write a great resume that makes up for this disadvantage.


To write a successful entry level mechanic resume, you need to nail the skills section. This is the place where you will show your potential employer that you have what it takes to be successful on the job. Including hard-to-find skills and special certifications will make you much more marketable.


Once you’ve thought through your skills, take a look at this entry level mechanic resume as inspiration for your own.


Entry Level Mechanic Resume Sample

Entry-Level Mechanic Resume Questions

1. How do you make an entry-level mechanic resume for a first job?

Many believe that a resume’s only job is to detail your previous work experience to a prospective employer. Yet in reality, such a document is really meant to grab the attention of a job recruiter, regardless of how impressive your employment history may or may not be. But how can you make one if this is your first job?

If you are new to the job market, you should begin your resume by creating a strong objective statement, and follow that up with skills and education sections that are equally as impressive. A resume builder tool can offer you step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

2. How do you write an objective statement for an entry-level mechanic resume?

Few people include direct objective statement in resumes these days. Yet when you review a standard entry-level mechanic resume sample, you are likely to see one. Why is that? If this is your first job in a particular industry, stating what you hope to accomplish with your new career path is appropriate.

Back your objective statement up by offering a high-level view of your strongest professional skills. Ultimately, your objective statement should not exceed three sentences.

3. How do you write the qualifications section of an entry-level mechanic resume?

When reviewing a typical entry-level mechanic resume sample, you will notice that the work experience section uses seemingly unrelated jobs from an applicant’s past to instill a sense of confidence that he or she will be able to thrive in this new position. The applicant does this by highlighting the soft skills that jobs help to develop.

For example, as a mechanic, possessing manual dexterity is real plus. Say you have worked in a job where you had to demonstrate such dexterity (e.g., a laborer, a data entry clerk). Detailing the duties from that job that contributed to your skill development can build you up in the eyes of those looking for new mechanics.

4. Should you include references on an entry-level mechanic resume?

You typically will not see space reserved for references on an entry-level mechanic resume sample. That is because your resume should present your professional profile, not apply for a specific job. Listing references on your resume may take up valuable space that would be better served showing a prospective employer who you are. Job applications are typically where you would list references.

If an application does not ask for references, a good place to include them in a resume may be in your work experience section, where you can include the name of your former manager along with his or her contact information.

5. How do you optimize your entry-level mechanic resume for a ATS?

Companies often use application tracking software programs to screen candidates. These programs review submitted content looking for keywords and phrases that indicate prior knowledge and experience. You can make your resume more recognizable by an ATS by utilizing these keywords throughout your content.

Review the job listing to identify emphasized or repeated words and terms. These are likely to mirror the keywords an ATS will look for. Make sure, then, that you include them multiple times throughout your document.

Congrats on mastering the writing of your Mechanic resume. Easily create the perfect cover letter to round out your application materials by using our Mechanic cover letter sample.

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Resume Text

Charise Phillips

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337
E-Mail: example-email@example.com


Multi-talented automotive repair professional seeking entry level Diesel Mechanic position and training. Quick learner and upbeat person who thrives on challenges. Proficient in following work orders and accurately completing tasks.


Familiar with wide range of repairs
Engine overhauls
Parts replacement
Cost control

Outside-the-box thinking
Productivity improvements
Able to stand long periods
Can lift 75+ pounds
Clean driving record


July 2012 to Current
Engersol Auto Repair New Cityland, CA

Communicate clearly with vehicle owners regarding expected repairs and costs.
Specialize in engine repair, maintenance, and overhaul.
Follow repair checklists to ensure all services are completed accurately.
Remove and repair or replace vehicle systems components.
Balance and rotate tires and perform alignments.
Check and top off fluid levels with every repair or service.
Ensure complete customer satisfaction from first contact to vehicle delivery.

March 2010 to June 2012
MechTech Computer Services New Cityland, CA
Computer Repair Technician

Made on-site business repair calls to address issues with desktops, workstations, and laptops.
Troubleshot software and hardware issues.
Disassembled, cleaned, and repaired systems.
Ordered and installed replacement parts.
Updated software and added virus protection to vulnerable systems.
Recommended system upgrades to improve performance.

August 2007 to February 2010
Westside Honda New Cityland, CA
Automotive Service Advisor

Maintained comprehensive knowledge of repair services and protocols.
Explained repairs and maintenance actions to customers in detail.
Consulted with customers regarding vehicle problems and diagnosed issues.
Wrote up repair orders and offered additional services.
Detailed findings of mechanic vehicle assessments and recommended solutions.
Estimated wait times and arranged loaner cars for longer repairs.