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Have you always dreamed of becoming a stylist? Then here’s what you need to include in your resume.
Salon Manager
Salon Manager
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Hair Stylist
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Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist
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What a Spa Professional Does

If you’re a spa or gym professional, you should have a salon/spa/fitness resume at the ready. Even if you love your job, you should always be prepared to show off your resume when needed. Spa professionals perform a wide variety of tasks, although there is some specialization. Some professionals specialize in facials, massage, or personal training, while others have some overlap in experience. Most spa or gym workers have to have top-notch customer service skills and be able to handle guest problems or complaints with grace, tact, and pragmatism. Whether you’re running a spin class or helping someone unwind with a relaxing massage, a salon/spa/fitness resume is a must regardless of where you are in your career.

How to Become a Spa or Gym Professional

Spa and gym workers generally need some sort of advanced vocational education, depending on what their job description is. Many of the spa professionals who do massage therapy go to a specialized program for 9 months to 2 years. Personal trainers might need a four-year degree from a university, or they may be able to get a job with an associate’s degree from a two-year school. Estheticians generally require several months or years of education and experience before getting a job in a high-end spa. You have to learn not only how to handle clients, but the ins and outs of your particular field, whether it’s skincare, massage, pedicures, or physical fitness. You learn all these things in your vocational education.

Your Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume

If you’re wondering what should go on your salon/spa/fitness resume, first start with your education, unless you went to school many years ago, in which case your experience should go first. You should mention which school you went to and what degree you were awarded. You can also list any certifications like nutrition or health and safety that may be related to the position you’re applying for. List names of spas or gyms you’ve worked at, especially those with the same level of service and exclusivity as the one you’re applying to. In addition, you should tailor your resume to the specific spa and position you want.

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