Resume Templates: Personal Driver


Finding a job as a personal driver doesn’t have to be a headache. The key to a successful job hunt is a thoughtful resume that draws attention to the areas where your skills and experience overlap with the employer’s needs. Make sure you have clear picture of the kind of client you’ll be driving and tailor your resume accordingly.

A resume summary is important when you’re applying to be a personal driver because much of what makes you the right candidate isn’t easily included in other areas of your resume. For example, if you’re known for your discretion and ability to help clients feel at ease, that’s worth mentioning. You should also take advantage of the highlights section of your resume by including a few bullet points related to your safety record or expertise with driving in a particular region.

Use our personal driver resume template as a roadmap, and you’ll be well on your way to a winning resume.

Resume Templates: Personal Driver

Personal Driver Resume Questions

1. How do you format a personal driver resume?

Your resume format should be professional and well-organized. Provide adequate space and clear headers between each section to ensure the resume is easy to read. Use a professional font like Calibri or Times New Roman and stick to basic black and white for the most professional design. Typically, resumes use a reverse chronological order, listening work experience before education the way the personal driver resume sample does. However, if your education is more impressive, you can provide that information before your work experience.

2. How do you write an objective statement for a personal driver resume?

Objective statements are no longer common on resumes, unless you are new to the field or the job market overall. Otherwise, professional summaries are preferred to speak to your experience as a personal driver. This summary is typically in paragraph format and about three sentences long. In the first paragraph, list an official title, such as personal driver, and how many years of experience you have. In the second sentence, describe hard skills such as a strong driving record, experience handling vehicles of all sizes, or experience in inclement weather. Use the last sentence to mention soft skills, such as making high-profile clients feel at ease.

3. How do you list schools in a personal driver resume?

Typically, the education section is the last part of your resume. In addition to college, you can also provide any certifications that relate to your profession in this section. When listing a school or certification, do so in reverse chronological order. Like the personal driver resume sample did, you should provide the name of the degree or certification and the school or organization that presented you with it. Include the city and state you received it from and the date you earned it as well.

4. How do you make a personal driver resume for a first job?

When writing a resume for your first job, consider using a functional layout instead of the traditional chronological format. A functional layout puts more focus on your skills and education than on your smaller experience section. When writing for your first job, you can still focus on a strong driving record and on your driving experiences with different types of vehicles or in different types of weather. If you have any nonpaid driving work, such as volunteering for the community meals on wheels program or transporting kids from school to latchkey programs, add this to the work experience section to fill it out further.

5. How do you write the experience section of your personal driver resume?

Like in the personal driver resume sample, your work experience section should be well-organized and contain specific pieces of information. Start with the company name, its location, your job title, and the dates you worked. After this information, create a list of between three and eight bullet points describing your duties and accomplishments at the company. Begin each bullet point with a strong action word and use quantitative information whenever possible. For more assistance, you can create a better resume using industry-specific text examples with our resume builder.

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Resume Text

Jason Brendt 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Safe and efficient Personal Driver who maintains a perfect driving record and has never missed a client deadline. Adept at utilizing computer GPS systems, making passengers feel at ease and finding a new route in the event of construction or an accident. Specializes in corporate and celebrity clients.


  • Has never been in an accident while driving a client
  • Able to perform roadside maintenance when necessary
  • Very strong customer service skills
  • Able to adapt driving to the preferences and needs of client
  • Personable driver who can also give passenger privacy when needed
  • Excellent communication skills

Work Experience

August 2011 to February 2015 Statham Associates – New Parkland, CA Personal Driver
  • Usually assigned the highest profile clients that were on the tightest deadlines.
  • Often asked to travel out of town to drive for specific clients.
  • Established a very high customer satisfaction rate among customers who were normally hard to please.
November 2007 to August 2011 Drivers – New Parkland, CA Personal Driver
  • Often handled two or more clients on one day without incident.
  • Quickly rose to the level of getting top driving assignments because of flawless driving record.
  • Asked to be the personal driver of the CEO of the company on more than one occasion.
June 2000 to November 2007 Air Porter Incorporated – New Parkland, CA Personal Driver
  • Designated to make airport runs for a specific group of clients.
  • Often given long-term assignments to the more high profile clients.


2000 Parts High School, New Parkland, CA High School Diploma