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Driving covers everything from transporting goods from one location to another, picking up and dropping off packages, and driving people to the places they need to go. This is an industry that has many areas of expertise, such as truck driving and taxi driving. Use our resume examples and tips on this page to create a winning resume that will take your driving career to the next level.

Top driving resume examples

Bus Driver

CDL Driver

Taxi Driver

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How to build your resume for a driving career

We’ve put together resume examples and advice for a variety of popular driving jobs. Use our tips to create your job-landing resume.

Career Track: CDL Driver

CDL stands for commercial drivers license, which is required to operate large, heavy or hazardous material vehicles in the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is expected to grow by 2% by 2029. The economy depends on truck drivers transporting freight for supply chains, so as the demand for goods increases, more drivers will be needed.

Class A CDL Driver $30,660 Median Salary

Resume Format

Functional Resume

For this position, focus on job-ready skills, such as physical strength, hand-eye coordination, visual ability, great communication, time management, and of course, commercial driving.

Summary statement tip

Highlight abilities such as loading and unloading, crane operation, and forklift experience in a few sentences. Always incorporate keywords from the job description.

Skills to feature

  • Automotive tires
  • Tractor-trailer
  • TWIC card
  • Adaptability
  • Customer service
  • Physical stamina

Get to the next level

To get a Class B CDL, you need:

  • Pass the Class B permit test to get the commercial learner’s permit (CLP).
  • Take the Class B driving test to obtain a CDL.
  • Pay the required exam and license fees.

Additionally, drivers applying for CLP must have a driver’s license, a 10-year driving history record, and a medical examination self-certification form.

Class B CDL Driver $47,130 Median Salary

Resume Format

Combination Resume

Focus on highlighting work examples that demonstrate your ability to perform the job efficiently and transport the goods safely and on time.

Summary statement tip

Present yourself as a reliable and responsible driver with excellent time management skills, someone who can ensure that the passengers, items, or materials will get to their destination securely.

Skills to feature

  • Safe operating procedures
  • Map reading
  • Trip planning
  • Operating practices
  • Knowledge of federal and state regulations
  • Air brake systems
  • Defense training

Get to the next level

To get a Class C CDL, you must:

  • Determine what your state considers a Class license. Do some research to understand what type of vehicle you’ll be driving and the requirements necessary to get the Class C CDL license.
  • Pass a driving test and physical and eye exams. After passing the test, you’ll need to pay any required fees.

Class C CDL Driver$69,480 Median Salary

Resume Format

Chronological Resume

As someone with years of experience working as a Class C CDL driver, you should use this resume format to highlight your career progression and how you’ve tackled more responsibilities as a driver.

Summary statement tip

Include some career highlights that show off skills such as leadership, trip planning, hazards communication or passenger management.

Skills to feature

  • Lockout/Tagout procedures
  • Special driving conditions
  • Great customer service
  • Knowledge of federal regulations
  • Quick thinking
  • Problem-solving

Get to the next level

To elevate your resume and take your career to the next level by getting a role in a management position, we suggest showing work examples where you used leadership skills and helped other crew members fulfill their tasks. Crew leaders must have a great understanding of the industry, laws, and regulations and show that they can work under pressure.

Career Track: Delivery Driver

It’s an excellent time to join this career. The employment rate of delivery truck drivers and delivery drivers is projected to grow 5% by 2029, faster than the average occupations.

Delivery Driver $30,433 Median Salary

Resume Format

Functional Resume

Highlight skills that show you are ready to tackle the job, such as familiarity with local streets, neighborhoods and routes, strong interpersonal skills, and excellent time management.

Summary statement tip

Use this space to feature job-specific abilities in the job description, like physical stamina, ability to work under pressure, and great communication.

Skills to feature

  • Mathematic skills
  • Customer service
  • Great communication
  • Time management
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Patience

Get to the next level

To drive a truck, you need to attain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). To do this, you have to complete training, pass a test, and pay a fee. There are different types of commercial driver’s licenses, but most people begin with Class A.

Truck Driver $37,050 Median Salary

Resume Format

Combination Resume

Show skills and experiences that show your ability to drive safely, your mechanical knowledge, and time management.

Summary statement tip

Focus on job-related professional accomplishments that feature your top skills. For example: Resourceful Class A Truck Driver with over five years of experience safely delivering goods to their destination.

Skills to feature

  • Responsibility
  • Organizational
  • Cleanliness
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to safety

Get to the next level

To grow your career as a truck driver, we recommend:

  • Learning special skills related to the job. For example, you could go back to school to learn more about mechanics, new features in trucks, and all the latest changes in the industry.
  • Research the licenses required to train other drivers. Not only will this give you the leadership skills necessary to lead a team, but you could potentially venture into becoming an instructor.

Owner-Operator Truck Driver $199,616 Median Salary

Resume Format

Chronological Resume

Experience is crucial in more senior-level positions. Emphasize your expertise in routes, loading and unloading, specialized equipment, mechanics, and negotiation skills.

Summary statement tip

Show you’re an expert in your field by highlighting relevant accomplishments and your top skills.

Skills to feature

  • Tanker experience
  • Roll-off truck
  • Tractor-trailer experience
  • Heavy haul
  • Leadership
  • Team management
  • Excellent customer service
  • Business management

Get to the next level

As an independent driver, it’s important to create and maintain a strong business structure to solidify your company’s success. Have a plan, stick to your schedule and learn negotiation techniques that will help you earn money.

Recommended driving resume templates

Our professional templates help you quickly craft an eye-catching resume that can be easily read by applicant tracking systems (ATS).


Project confidence and reliability with this classy template that utilizes a prominent header and strong fonts to help you stand out from the crowd.


Show your efficiency with this elegant and professional template design.


You can get the job done, and this layout shows it. It features customizable color accents and a solid black header for your contact information.

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Driving resume FAQ

What's the ideal format for a driving resume?

The right resume format for you will depend on your level of experience and what you want the employer to focus on:

Functional format: Entry-level applicants will benefit from this format. The layout focuses on skills, allowing you to showcase everything that you can do.

Combination format: This format puts the skills and work experience on equal footing. It’s a great option if you have a few years of experience as a driver.

Chronological format: Ideal for seasoned drivers who have many years of experience, this format showcases expertise through a detailed work history section.

What are some common skills required for driving jobs?

  • Physical stamina
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Visual ability
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Reliability
  • Math skills
  • Quick thinking
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Safe driving

What qualifications and certifications do employers look for in this industry?

Most companies only require their truck drivers and delivery drivers to possess a high school diploma or equivalent. If you want to drive trucks, you must attend a professional truck driving school, where you’ll take training courses to learn how to operate large vehicles and get a commercial driver’s license. These schools also provide lessons on federal laws and regulations. Additionally:

  • Truck drivers transporting hazardous materials must have a hazardous materials endorsement, which requires passing another knowledge test and background check.
  • All delivery drivers must have a valid driver’s license.