Senior Photographer Resume Example

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: May 02, 2024
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senior photographer resume template

Senior photographers usually specialize in a specific area. These individuals may have a history with weddings, baby photographs, family portraits, fashion, architecture, landscapes, and more. That history will greatly impact the hiring manager’s influence as the senior photographer is a high level slot. They are hired to maintain a department of photographers, editors, designers, etc. They may work for a magazine, website, agencies that provide photographers, video producers, or other media that regularly uses visual imagery. Senior photographers are expected to be seasoned professionals, needing little supervisor or guidance. They could be responsible for training, coordinating projects and operations, scheduling photographic projects, inventory, and inspecting level of quality across the board. They deal with clients and management, discuss and implement photographic assignments. They have final say on the budget, sets, designs, models, etc. The senior photographer resume will show hiring managers your knowledge of principles and techniques of modern photography and video, and strong management skills.


A degree in photography, fine arts, or any related field will impress hiring managers. Whether studio work or photojournalism, your background will have a huge impact on the specific job and company you target. So before putting together the senior photographer resume, learn all the details you can about the job and the company. While you may know all about film properties, optics, equipment, and what’s best suited for general and specialized sessions, if the position asks for four years experience shooting in East Africa, don’t assume your seven years taking pictures for a wedding planner in other states makes you perfect for that job. The senior photographer is a high profile position and, as the candidate, you need to provide strong information related to that job. The senior photographer resume has to convince hiring managers that you have the specific requirements for their slot.


Senior photographers are hired for their unique technical, artistic, management, and scientific skills in the field of photographer. For their services, they can be handsomely rewarded. Depending on the position, you can be paid up to 70,000 dollars and more.

Sample Senior Photographer Resume

Take the sample resume below and use it to craft your own. You need to create a solid senior photographer resume and cover letter. They are the first steps to getting closer to the job.

Senior Photographer Resume Questions

1. What technical skills should you put on a senior photographer resume?

Hiring managers review your core qualifications section and other parts of your resume to determine if you have the technical skills necessary to excel in the open position. To better understand what technical skills to include in your document, study the description of the job for which you are applying as well as our senior photographer resume sample. Large format printing, lighting expertise, and image archiving are a few technical skills to include in your resume if they apply to the job at hand. You may also want to include such skills as digital printing, editing, and working with a variety of cameras.

2. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a senior photographer resume?

Most resume-writing experts recommend including at least three bullet points with descriptions for each job you list in your experience section. However, unless you are listing many positions and are finding it difficult to maintain an appropriate resume length, try to include more bullet points. Aim for five or six descriptions to provide a thorough explanation of your previous responsibilities and accomplishments. Do not exceed eight bullet points per job.

3. What can you do to make your senior photographer resume stand out?

A professional format and creative design may help your resume stand out. However, the greatest tool at your disposal is your document’s content. Set your document–and yourself–apart by including not only your attractive skills and relevant experience, but also your greatest accomplishments and stories of success. What well-known publishers featured your photos? Did you receive perfect customer satisfaction reviews for your work? Perhaps your photographing style allowed you to finish photo shoots ahead of schedule. Communicate these achievements and demonstrate your skills in various types of photography to shine as a worthy candidate for the position.

4. How should you present software knowledge on a senior photographer resume?

There are a few ways to present your software knowledge on your resume. The jobseeker in our senior photographer resume sample includes the statement, “Proficient in Adobe Photoshop,” in the summary statement. Follow this example, especially if the description of the job at hand emphasizes the importance of such skills, because hiring managers often read your summary first. Additionally, include your skills in working with specific software programs in your core qualifications section.

5. How can you highlight team experience on a senior photographer resume?

Senior photographers need to lead and direct other photographers, work with a variety of clients, and collaborate with other employees throughout the stages of photo productions. Make sure you demonstrate these abilities in your resume’s summary, core qualifications, and experience section. Include phrases similar to those in our senior photographer resume sample, such as “assisted imaging team members” and “collaborated with clients.” For industry-specific text examples and even more help creating a customized resume, use our resume builder. Follow its directions and tackle one section at a time to have an impressive resume in no time.

Even if you’re done with your Senior Photographer resume, you’re not done with your application documents. See our Senior Photographer cover letter samples to learn the ropes. Show Resume Text

Resume Text

Helen Campbell 123 Fake Street City, State, Zip Code Cell: 000-000-0000 E-Mail: Summary Internationally-published photographer who brings exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm to every photo shoot. Committed to delivering promised results and remaining true to a unique artistic vision. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop. Highlights Image archiving Traditional and digital printing Wedding and portrait photography Lighting expert Calm under pressure Social media Large format printing Digital video Flexible creative approach Proactive problem solver Experience August 2007 to Current Company Name City, State Senior Photographer Photograph special events, including weddings, parties, and school portraits. Work successfully with a variety of personalities and work styles. Set up precise photographic measurements and control equipment. Direct work of 1-2 assistants for placement of subjects and inventory management. Consult with clients regarding photography packages, service hours, and other fine details. Utilize artistic vision to realize client ideas and add a professional, timeless flair. Perform-production image processing to remove flaws and enhance pictures. Maintain high levels of client satisfaction by explaining processes and fees in detail and following through on all promises. May 2003 to July 2007 Company Name City, State Photographer Conducted all photo shoots in a calm and professional manor. Monitored studio for adequate quantities of supplies. Assisted imaging team members with product styling, prep, and post production. Collaborated with clients to guarantee satisfaction with photographs. Improvised photographic methods and techniques. Cropped, manipulated and performed color-balance for final images. Education 2004 California Photography Institute City, State Bachelor of Fine Arts Professional Photography Coursework in Space, Time, Lighting, Practices, and History of Photograph 3.58 GPA Affiliations Professional Photographers of America, Member (Current)