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How to Build your Resume for a Sciences Career

We’ve assembled resume examples for some popular professions in the science field below — use them as you build your own resume.

Career Track: Scientific Researcher

Scientific researchers design, collect, and analyze information in regulated laboratory-based trials, experiments, and investigations. This is a profession expected to see robust growth moving forward — just to take one scientific field as an example, the number of research scientist jobs in medicine is expected to grow 6% by 2029, which is higher than the national average.

Research Associate $61,407 Median Salary

Resume Format: Functional Resume

Research associates are depended on for their skills at organization and collaboration, so feature these abilities using a functional format for your resume, which features your most relevant professional skills and training.

Summary statement tip: In a few sentences, highlight your top areas of scientific expertise, along with intangible skills that show you can function in a research environment. For example: “Adept at working within collaborative environments to gather and process research data.”

Skills to feature:

  • Conducting experiments and research
  • Collecting and logging experimental data
  • Statistical analysis
  • Preparing spreadsheets and presentations
  • Collaboration
  • Organizational abilities
  • Attention to detail

Get to the next level:
Elevate your career by acquiring experience in these areas, and featuring them in your resume:

  • Examples of how you’ve used different research techniques in planning, modifying, and executing experiments
  • Examples of gathering and processing research data for diverse projects
  • Getting an advanced degree in your field of specialization, or related training and certifications, such as Professional Researcher Certification (PRC)

Doctoral Fellow $60,259 Median Salary

Resume Format: Combination Resume

For this mid-level position, consider the combination format, which showcases both accomplishments and skills you’ve used in previous jobs that are related to the job you want — even if they’re from a different career field. Emphasize your ability to design and execute research protocols, handle specialized equipment, summarize findings, and publish results.

Summary statement tip: To grab instant attention, showcase skills and strengths that are directly related to those mentioned in the job posting. For example, if the job stresses data analysis, you could write: “Proficient in using statistical knowledge and advanced data analysis techniques.”

Skills to feature:

  • Onsite consultation and clinical expertise
  • Managing execution of strategic plans
  • Experimental design and data analysis
  • Quantitative skills
  • Training and supervising staff
  • In-depth knowledge of laboratory safety regulations

Get to the next level: In your resume, feature your experience and expertise in the following areas:

Conducting background and independent scholarly research

  • Developing relevant implementation protocols and training materials
  • Add a “publications” section for papers and studies you’ve contributed to
  • Successfully collaborating with researchers, institutions, and external agencies

Research Scientist $82,248 per week Median Salary

Resume Format: Chronological Resume

Show off your experience in designing, undertaking, and analyzing research projects using the chronological format, which emphasizes your work history and accomplishments. Highlight your ability to articulate technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences, collaborate with different teams, and your expertise with programming languages.

Summary statement tip:Give examples of contributions to other organizations that are similar to what the potential job needs. For example, if the job calls for “drafting study reports with minimal direction,” mention it upfront in your summary: “Meticulous Research Scientist well-versed in creating study reports, and fostering strong relationships with key investigators.”

Skills to feature:

  • Strong database skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Collaboration
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Team leadership
  • Organization and time management
  • Attention to detail

Get to the next level:Level up in your career by focusing on adding the following to your resume:

  • Examples of how you’ve used your leadership and management skills to complete major projects or identify and solve problems
  • Show a track record of delivering on projects under deadline and within budget
  • Advanced education or training in your specialized field (e.g., Master’s Degree or higher  in Biological Science for a Clinical Research Scientist position)

Career Track: Economist

This job field offers plenty of opportunities for conducting research, collecting and analyzing data, monitoring economic trends, and preparing forecasts. According to,  the employment rate of economists will grow by a healthy 8% by 2030.

Research Assistant $21,646 Median Salary

Resume Format: Functional Resume

As this job is more dependent on skills than a long work history, consider the functional format, which organizes your skills by important categories (e.g., “administrative skills,” “technical skills,” “soft skills”). Highlight any abilities or experiences in which you managed projects, or maintained accurate records.

Summary statement tip:Find top skills that match what the job wants, and feature them here. For example, if the job requires developing surveys, tracking responses and writing reports, highlight your abilities in these areas: “Focused Research Assistant experienced in conducting surveys, managing data, and creating reports.”

Skills to feature:

  • Lab operations
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Developing questionnaires and surveys
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Strong work ethic
  • Attention to detail

Get to the next level:Elevate your career by working on getting the following achievements into your resume:

  • Give work examples that demonstrate your ability to successfully plan and execute research.
  • Gain advanced training and education in your area of knowledge (e.g., master’s degree in economics, or completion of a Certified Business Economist (CBE) program).
  • Create a “Publications and Presentations” section just under your education section to feature projects (e.g., papers, studies, or presentations) to which you’ve contributed.

Economist $116,020 Median Salary

Resume Format: Combination

Counseling requires both specific skill sets and some prior work experience — use the combination format to satisfy both needs. Mention soft skills like critical thinking, etc. along with skills acquired from work experience, like facilitating individual and group counseling sessions.

Summary statement tip: Emphasize your best soft skills, like empathy and verbal communication, as well as your educational credentials and job experiences. For example: “Diligent counselor with Alcohol and Drug Counselor certification, and three years experience working with substance abuse cases.”

Skills to feature:

  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Ability to empathize
  • Critical thinker
  • Efficient problem-solving abilities
  • Self-starter
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Guidance skills
  • Culturally sensitive and tolerant

Get to the next level: To upgrade your career, get an advanced degree in psychology, as well as a state license to practice. Also look to gain more experience in managing internal teams and processes, and collaborating with management to improve overall organization performance.

Senior Economist: $124,555Median Salary

Resume Format: Chronological Resume

The chronological format is best for a resume for this kind of role, as it emphasizes your extensive work history and accomplishments, and shows you’re ready to take on more responsibilities. Emphasize your ability to solve problems using strong research and analysis skills.

Summary statement tip:Focus on the positive impacts you’ve made at previous organizations, emphasizing skills that match up with the job you’re interested in. For example, if the job emphasizes creating high and low-frequency economic forecasts, mention it upfront in this section: “Accomplished Economist with 5 years’ experience creating high and low-frequency economic forecasts that address trends driving global growth in GDP and in capital markets.”

Skills to feature:

  • Research
  • Analyzing data using statistical techniques and mathematical models
  • Conducting surveys and collecting data
  • Interpreting and forecasting market trends
  • Advising businesses, governments, and individuals on economic topics
  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Report and presentation creation

Get to the next level:To reach new heights in your career, work on getting the following items into your resume:

  • Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and advancements in your field, via membership in professional organizations and participation in conferences and presentations.
  • Show your proficiency with utilizing a wide variety of software applications to identify data sources for economic analysis.

Show examples of your expertise in conducting econometric and comparative market feasibility methodologies.

Recommended Sciences Resume templates

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Sciences Resume FAQs

1.How should you format your resume?

You should choose your resume format based on how your skills, accomplishments, and work history fit the job. A functional resume focuses on skills instead of work history and is a solid option for job candidates who don’t have much professional experience. A combination resume features a balanced mix of skills and work experiences, and is a good fit if you have a few years of experience, or can “transfer” important skills and experiences from a different career field. A chronological resume is a perfect choice for jobs that require substantial experience, as it highlights career achievements and progression.

2. What are the qualities and traits that employers are looking for in this industry?

For science jobs, stress your analytical ability, any contributions you’ve made to scientific studies, papers or presentations, your understanding of different research methodologies, and your proficiency with working with and interpreting data. Don’t forget to also include key soft skills such as written and verbal communication, multitasking, attention to detail, time management, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

3.Should you include a “credits” or “publications” section in your resume?

If you can show that you’ve participated in several studies, special academic projects or presentations that relate to the job you want, feature them in a separate “Publications and Credits” category. We recommend listing publications using MLA style and follow this style for listing electronic works.