Web Content Manager Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: May 16, 2022
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Having a well-written and professional resume can make a big difference in whether you land the job or not. As a web content manager, you understand that the right words are essential to success – especially when trying to sell yourself to an employer. Because web content managers work mainly with computers, you’ll want to include a wide variety of technical skills and qualifications. As a manager, interpersonal skills are also important, so be sure to highlight a few attributes that would show the employer you can get along with others and lead a team when applicable. When you’re ready to create your own web content manager resume, use our convenient resume examples.

web content manager resume example

Web Content Manager Resume Questions

1. How do you write the header of a web content manager resume?

The header is the first thing recruiters see on your resume template. It’s an important segment because it contains your contact information. The order of the content is your name, phone number, and email address. For your name, choose a large font size, such as 22-point, and use bold text. You can use an 11-point font for the rest of the content. Keep your email address professional by using your first and last name, such as CarolSemail@email.com. With regards to your phone number, only list the one you use most often. Look at our web content manager resume sample for ideas on how to craft this section.

2. How do you format a web content manager resume?

In today’s job market, recruiters reject or accept a resume within six seconds. Choosing the right resume format can help keep your document out of the rejection pile. In most cases, recruiters and hiring managers prefer the chronological format. It includes the professional summary followed by the skills section. From there, the work history and education sections appear. The web content manager resume sample follows this exact structure. You can use it as a guide for writing your resume.

3. How do you list certifications on your web content manager resume?

In computer-related fields, ongoing training is valuable because technology evolves fast. Prospective employers will pay close attention to your continuing education. With this said, it’s a good idea to create a section devoted to your certifications. As an alternative, you can combine them with the education category. Use a subheading such as “Certifications” or “Education and Certifications.” Only include certificates that are specific to the position you seek. List these in reverse order, starting with your most recent credential. Provide the certificate title, date received, the awarding company or association, and its location.

4. How can you highlight team experience on a web content manager resume?

Many jobseekers use the phrase “team player” on their resumes. Stating you’re a team member or leader is not enough to persuade the hiring manager. You need examples of how well you work with others in the workplace. Provide examples that include specific facts, numbers, outcomes, and action verbs. Avoid vague statements such as “Get along with co-workers.” Instead, write “Collaborated with the sales team to produce opt-in forms that boosted conversion rates by 37% in three months.” Review the web content manager resume sample to see the different ways you can showcase your teamwork.

5. How should you present software knowledge on a web content manager resume?

Recruiters pay close attention to your software expertise, so make it easy for them to take notice. What you need is a skills section that appears above the fold of your paper. In other words, place it between the professional summary and the work experience sections. Use bullet points so your entries stand out. Additionally, you don’t want to go overboard with your list. Only include the software requirements mentioned in the employer’s job description. Need the perfect resume for your job search? Use our resume builder to craft a customized document that gets you noticed.

Resume Text

Michael Lilly
123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Progressive Web Content Manager who is constantly learning about emerging technologies and Internet processes. Adept at maximizing a website’s place in the search results, managing content and making sure that a website is always within search engine guidelines. Specializes in large corporate and ecommerce websites. 


  • Maintains a network of test websites where new processes are tried out
  • Constantly attends classes and seminars on new methods
  • Persistently recruiting new web development talent from around the world
  • Strong ability to create a cohesive team
  • Dedicated to maintaining a competitive website at all times
  • Very strong Internet security skills

Work Experience

August 2011 to February 2015 Company Name
– City, State Web Content Manager

  • Maintained two sites for the company that both ranked in the industry list of the 50 best websites.
  • Sustained a presence on the first page of search engine results for all primary industry keywords.
  • Developed a solid set of policies for creating and implementing new content.

June 2006 to August 2011 Company Name
– City, State Web Content Manager

  • Maintained a significant network of some of the best content writers in the country.
  • Created a program of diverse content that skyrocketed the company website to the top of the search engine ratings.
  • Worked closely with sales to drive more traffic to product pages.

June 1997 to June 2006 Company Name
– City, State Web Content Manager

  • Developed an effective system for maintaining archived content.
  • Adapted to search engine algorithm changes before most other content managers did.


1997 University of Brownville, City, State Bachelor of Science, Computer Science