Full Stack Developer Resume: Examples and Tips

Full-stack developers need to be proficient in coding, and maintaining databases and server-side infrastructure, while being adept at troubleshooting and administering database standards. For this position, you should possess a knack for analytical thinking, good communication skills, customer focus and excellent attention to detail.

To create a resume for this job that more than “stacks up” against the competition, take advantage of these resume examples and tips:

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Full Stack Developer Resume Example

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Full Stack Developer Resume

  1. Summary In a few short sentences, tie together your top work accomplishments and traits. For example: “Dedicated full stack developer with expertise in creating customized UI designs and improving website navigation,” or “Creative full stack developer with a strong history of project management and building applications.”
  2. Skills List skills that match what the employer requires in the job description, including hard skills (e.g., proficiency in a specific language like JavaScript, NodeJS, Python or Django, or front-end frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue) as well as soft skills that are important to the job, such as presentation skills, team coordination or multitasking abilities.
  3. Work History Instead of listing every single task you’ve had at previous jobs, feature only your best work achievements, using specific details to stand out. For example: “Redeveloped interface for 15 new applications within 5 months” provides a better glimpse of your talents than “Regularly modified application interfaces.”
  4. Education For this position, mention your highest academic credential (e.g., a bachelor’s degree in web development), along with the name and location of the institution where you got it. You can also mention any additional coursework or training that applies to development work, including Advanced Software Programming, Relational Database Design and SQL, C++ Programming I and II, or Linux/Unix Programming. Also be sure to add relevant certifications, such as Full-Stack Web Development with React certification.

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Find the Right Template for your Resume

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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • DO use short, punchy phrases rather than standard sentences. Concise bullet points and phrases are all you need to get the job done in a resume. Stay away from verbose sentences, and be succinct. Rather than writing “I have developed 25 HTML landing pages as part of a team which implemented new testing features,” write “Developed 25 HTML landing pages and implemented new testing features.” (Notice how you don’t need pronouns like “I” and start your sentence with an action verb “Developed”).
  • DO quantify achievements in your resume. Use numbers and statistical data to add more detail and context to your abilities. Even a single simple number can make a difference. “Guided team of 15 junior developers in web application development” tells an employer a lot more than “Guided junior developers in web application development.”
  • DO make your summary an “elevator pitch.” An elevator pitch is a quick encapsulation of your best traits and career highlights. Think of your summary as an elevator pitch, in which you blend together work achievements and abilities within a few sentences. For example: “Accomplished Full Stack Developer well-versed in spearheading transitions from LAMP stack to MEAN stack. Proficient in increasing effectiveness of database administration and cutting down latency.” For more tips on creating your summary, see our article How to Write the Perfect Summary Section.
  • DON’T forget to tailor your resume for each job. Even within web development, different jobs will have different requirements. Create different versions of your resume to meet the requirements of each job opportunity. For example, for a job that emphasizes PHP scripting, provide examples from previous jobs and projects that show off your PHP expertise. Our article How to Create a Targeted Resume provides more advice on how to customize your resume.
  • DON’T write a resume that runs on too long. Recruiters have limited attention spans on resumes, so avoid describing irrelevant duties or mundane day-to-day responsibilities. Present only qualifications and accomplishments that fit the job, and keep to punchy bullet points and phrases. It’s also a good rule of thumb to limit your work history section to the last 10 years. Aim for a resume that’s two pages long at most.
  • DON’T forget to review your resume before you hit SEND. A prime recruiter peeve is a resume that contains errors, no matter how small. Review your resume to make sure your information is accurate and relevant, and that your layout, spelling and grammar are free of errors. For an extra hand, use our Resume Builder when creating your resume, and our built-in tools will help proofread and review your resume for you.