How a Great Cover Letter Can Launch Your Career

Here are a few ways a strong cover letter can impress potential employers and set your career in motion:

1. Your cover letter introduces you and provides a framework for your resume.

This one is pretty obvious, but it's still a necessary task. Nobody likes to receive unexplained communications by phone or mail, and your resume can make a stronger case for you if it's presented in a clear way that lets employers know exactly who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Your cover letter tells employers something about your personality.

The tone, style, and flow—as well as the content—of your letter can let employers know something about your passions, your conversational style, and what you'd be like to work with on a daily basis.

3. Your cover letter helps employers prepare for your interview.

If you discuss some of your personal background in your letter, including your hobbies and interests and some of the reasons behind your past career decisions, employers can use this information to steer the direction of your interview. If you mention that you like to travel, you speak multiple languages, or you enjoy baking, employers may ask you about this during your interview just to generate conversation.

4. Your cover letter reveals where you're headed over the long term.

Briefly explain your long-term career goals in your letter and you'll allow your employers to determine if their needs and yours are a match.

5. Your cover lets employers know why they should choose you over other candidates.

At the end of the day, your cover letter is a sales pitch in disguise. If all goes well and your letter hits the mark, employers should put it down with one thought in mind: They'd like to hire you for this position. Or at the very least, they'd like to bring you in for an interview so they can ask you a few questions and confirm the positive feelings they have about you.

Hiring is sometimes a chore, and depending on the nature of the position, the task can come with all kinds of concerns and anxieties for employers. What if they don't find someone in time? What if they find five candidates who each have one great credential, but no candidates who have all the necessary credentials? What if they think they've found a winner, only to be disappointed and dismayed when they realize they made a mistake? Your cover letter gives you a chance to send an important message: Choosing you can put all of these fears and concerns to rest. On a day-to-day basis, your presence in the workplace will make your manager's job easier. And on a year-to-year basis, your effort, talent, and dedication will help this company grow.

Create a Great Cover Letter

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