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What It’s Like to Work in the Film Crew Field

There are many jobs on a film crew. Many see a film production as glamorous. The fact is most are mundane and ordinary. There are secretaries, directors, artists, costume designers, caterers and more. From digital effects artist and doubles to assistants and actors, a film crew cover letter has to let hiring managers know a candidate’s specialty and what value they bring to any production.
The film crew cover letter should quickly introduce yourself and let hiring managers know what day to day functions you were responsible for. It should impress with your on-set experiences, education in your field and, where applicable, the latest films you’ve worked on and what you contributed to them.

Benefits of Working in the Film Crew Field

The film industry is considered one of the most alluring in the world. But most of us only see what’s in front of the camera. Behind the scenes there are hundreds of members on the film crew that ensure every film gets finished on time and on budget. Film crew work is usually limited, as the average film shoots for a few months and up to a year. And candidates may only be used at certain stages of the production while others may be there from screen readings right up to premieres.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

A well-crafted film crew cover letter is the only way to let a hiring manager know if you’re the right fit for the slot. Whether you’re a jack-of-all-trades or a bookkeeper, that cover letter is the first step to getting an interview. MyPerfectResume has all the resources for designing the film crew cover letter you’re going to need. Templates, tips, and samples all a click away.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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