Video Editor Resume: Examples and Tips

Video editors are responsible for editing and assembling recorded raw material into a finished product for broadcasting. To excel at this job, you should be familiar with video editing software, and have attention to detail and multitasking skills. This position demands a bachelor’s degree in film production or communication, along with specialization in editing.

Take advantage of our resume examples and tips to present your skills and strengths, and get one step closer to landing the right video editor job.

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Entry Level Videoeditor Resume Template

Featured Resume Example: Video Editor

Entry Level Videoeditor Resume Template


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Creative Video Editor adept at completing video editing projects in alignment with time and budget restrictions. Thorough knowledge of Final Cut, Premiere and Avid. Detail-oriented nature and skills in cutting and blending scenes seamlessly Eager to apply an aptitude for sound editing, color correction and narration prowess to new projects.


  • Creative collaboration
  • Title and chapter creation
  • Color correction knowledge
  • Multi-camera editing
  • Sound editing proficiency
  • Budgeting
  • Training
  • Project Management


  • Developed and managed projects from concept to completion, including storyboards, post-production editing and final delivery formats.
  • Participated in creative meetings to assist in developing ideas and defining project deadlines.
  • Determined the optimal combination of media outlets for promotional campaigns and the resources to be allocated to each by analyzing consumer data.
  • Maintained schedules, managed deadlines and interfaced with teammates to support production activities.
  • Reviewed the activities for the production team and made sure that tasks were completed in a timely manner.
  • Supervised the post-production process, including editing, dubbing and color correction.
Attention to Detail:
  • Evaluated and selected scenes for pacing, entertainment value and continuity , trim shots and edit content.
  • Performed post-production work, including assembling raw material, editing sound and sequences and providing final product within time and budget constraints.
  • Reviewed and edited film by selecting best combination of performance, sequencing and timing to tell story.


​Midnight Sun​ – Video Editor
Company Name, City, State, CA • 02/2019 – Current
A23 Studios – Editing Assistant
Company Name, City, State • 04/2017 – 01/2019
Carson Ad Works – Production Inern
Company Name, City, State, CA • 09/2014 – 05/2015


Los Angeles College of Film Pasadena, CA, City, State

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Video Editor Resume

  1. Summary Feature your skills, achievements, and work history within a few concise sentences. Emphasize your best skills related to the job, such as communication and storyboard skills, as well as a top accomplishment. For example: “Creative Video Editor with an eye for detail. Diligent and meticulous professional known for quick delivery of short-form video content.”
  2. Skills Scan the description for the video editor job, and incorporate relevant keywords or phrases that describe your strengths, such as converting and logging footage, or being proficient in special editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Make sure to feature skills that are vital for media and entertainment, including soft skills such as strategic planning, and technical skills such as database management and color correction.
  3. Work history Focus on your achievements instead of regular tasks, and show how you’ve taken a leading role in your own success using figures and data. Stating “Sorted and edited 5+ hours of raw footage into 10 minutes of finished video” is more effective and eye-catching rather than “Edited raw footage into finished video.”
  4. Education In addition to your highest level of education (e.g., degree in film, video production or communication), include any related certifications you’ve picked up, such as a certification in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

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Find the Right Template for your Resume

Your search for the perfect resume template ends here! Use these three professional resume templates to build your own video editor resume in minutes.


This slick layout mixes black and color fonts for the job applicant’s name, making it stand out. Section headings are arranged in the left margin for quick navigation.


This template uses color fonts for section headings, allowing recruiters to assess your credentials at a glance.The monogram treatment for the header adds a touch of personality.


As the name suggests, this lively design uses a strong header and dividing lines to make an impression, giving your credentials a modern look.

To find more templates, view MyPerfectResume’s free resume template page.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • Do customize your resume. Every job opening will have different requirements. Look to tailor your video editor resume to fit each job description by analyzing the job posting carefully, and addressing relevant keywords and phrases, such as knowledge of story structure or expertise with color grading. For example, you could list “expert in color grading using DaVinci Resolve” in your skills section, or list “Managed video editing projects requiring knowledge of story structure” in your work history section.
  • Do fill out your education section.A video editing position requires demonstrated expertise in technical work — make sure you represent that expertise in your education section as well as your work history section. Include any academic achievements, scholarships, awards and certifications you’ve gained, as well as any professional development experiences, including courses and seminars. For example: Conference Coordinator, Future Media Conferences.
  • Do keep your resume layout clean and straightforward. As video editing involves creativity, you might be tempted to gussy up your resume with extra visual touches, or striking fonts. Doing so runs the risk of confusing recruiters as well as applicant tracking systems (ATS) which scan your resume for important information. Focus on creating a streamlined resume in our free resume builder that presents your credentials clearly, rather than one with extra bells and whistles.
  • Don’t forget to feature relevant soft skills. Video editors should be proficient in the technical demands of the position, such as in-depth knowledge of editing and design tools, trimming and transcription, and budgeting. But you should also include soft skills such as attention to detail, interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication, and time management. Incorporate both technical and soft skills in your resume, and show how you deploy them when you describe your work accomplishments.
  • Don’t exaggerate or fib.Hiring managers are more diligent than ever before when performing background checks. Don’t exaggerate or lie about your skills or accomplishments — if your deception is uncovered, the consequences can be dire. If you think your qualifications aren’t quite up to what the job requires, stress your commitment to pick up new skills and give work history examples of how you’ve been proactive in addressing problems.
  • Don’t rush to submit your resume without reviewing it.All your efforts to create the right resume can be for naught if your document contains a simple misspelling or grammatical errors. Studies show that a majority of job recruiters will toss a resume if they catch even a single mistake. Make sure to review your resume a few times before you send it in, to ensure all your information is correct (and correctly presented).