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Create Healthy Communities as a Wellness Coach

Jumping onto one of the fastest growing career paths as a wellness coach or coordinator offers countless opportunities. With preventable diseases causing 70 percent of all health care costs, health professionals with strong wellness cover letters, resumes, and credentials are increasingly in demand.

Exciting, progressive companies like Nike, Apple, Company Name, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering are just a few of the businesses employing candidates with well-rounded wellness cover letters and training.

Wellness Career Paths

Whether you choose to be a corporate wellness coach, a private consultant, or the director of a health care wellness program, you’ll help others establish and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Some wellness coaches focus on a particular initiative such as weight loss or tobacco cessation, while others are generalists working to coordinate more wide-ranging health programs. They lead healthy living and weight loss classes, stage special wellness events, coordinate creative health-related competitions, craft individual lifestyle plans, and track outcomes.

Because wellness professionals must establish rapport with individuals and groups of people, good communication skills are vital and can be demonstrated in a well-written wellness cover letter.


Training, Wellness Cover Letters & Interviews

Although a degree is not required for all health and wellness positions, some corporations prefer applicants with degrees in health education, nutrition, exercise physiology, or nursing. Many also look for certified health education specialists with internship experience, a strong wellness cover letter and resume, and engaging communication skills. You can show off those credentials and skills first by crafting an appealing wellness cover letter and then presenting an inviting demeanor in the interview.

The Wellness Life

While you probably won’t get rich as a wellness professional, you can earn a generous living while making a real difference in people’s lives. The median salary for a health educator is 48,790 dollars, and wellness coaches usually earn between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars a year. Personal wellness consultants and coaches with well-established practices frequently charge between 100 and 150 dollars an hour.

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