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Yoga Instructor Cover Letter Example + Tips

yoga instructor cover letter sample

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Yoga Instructors Are in Demand

Yoga is seeing an upward trend. In the last five years, more and more people have turned to the practice. When unemployment goes down and discretionary funds rise, yoga studios see revenue growth. In 2013, the industry generated $6.9 billion and had over 20 million participants, the majority of them women. Outside of the health benefits and people looking for new ways to relieve stress, experts are attributing this embrace to peer and celebrity influence.

Cover Letter Requirements

A yoga instructor cover letter has to clearly define one’s talent. While there are no stringent regulations or guidelines for becoming a yoga instructor, hiring managers are careful about which candidates qualify. This is a position that requires putting the physicality and training of others in your hands. That’s not only a heavy responsibility, but potentially leaves one open to legal liability. No hiring manager is going to consider a candidate without solid experience and education. At the least, hiring managers are looking for candidates that have successfully completed an accredited program and participated in at least 200 hours of practice and study with experienced yogis. If you are starting out, have all the appropriate certifications and relevant requirements listed in your yoga instructor cover letter.


Yoga is more passion than financial reward, but it by no means should be dismissed. The median yoga instructor salary will be in the 22,000 dollars range. That number can change based on location, experience, training, employer and circumstances, such as if you’re a group or private instructor. As the industry grows, as new studios and private enterprises start up, hiring managers will need strong talent. Candidates will be in better positions to negotiate.

Yoga Instructor Cover Letter

The world of yoga is a niche industry. While the demand for instructors has and will continue to increase, likely so will the number of certified instructors. This will make getting a good position harder. Getting a good job will require determination and careful preparation. Your yoga instructor cover letter is going to be critical. Take a look at the sample of a yoga instructor cover letter below. It shows the best ways to formally address your desire to be a yoga instructor, why you’re perfect for the position and how your background and training demonstrates this. If you use it as a template and provide a strong resume, you increase the chances a hiring manager will look your way.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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