Inventory Specialist Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A resume can be flat and cold without a strong and lively cover letter to accompany it. Use your letter just like our free inventory specialist cover letter sample to prove that you have the mental, technical, and physical skills to navigate computer programs and warehouses, all while staying patient and meticulous. It’s important to prove that you have all these qualities, because most candidates might only focus on one of the skills, like their ability to use spreadsheets.

Dear Mr. Clarence,

I am very interested in the inventory specialist position that you posted recently. I know that my extensive time in retail in high school and college and my associate’s degree in finance have given me all the skills that I need to excel.

I spent years working in an electronics store, which taught me how to handle unique coding systems and how to pay close attention to subtle details that would result in perfect organization or losing small yet critical components in our massive storage space. I also learned how to operate machinery like forklifts, which I know that I’ll at least occasionally have to use in your warehouse.

My time pursuing a finance degree allowed me to develop my computer and communication skills, rounding out the skillset that I need to manage your supplies. I took courses in spreadsheet usage, business, finance, supply, and communications, and I know that I will continue to use and learn more about all these diverse areas every day.

I have the perfect blend of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to succeed as your inventory specialist. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you in an interview.

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What to Include in an Inventory Specialist Cover Letter

Now that you’ve read our free inventory specialist cover letter sample, you’re ready to start your own, following these tips. Keep your cover letter concise. Almost immediately pose an argument with central points about why you’re the best candidate for the job, then spend the following paragraphs quickly supporting each point. Don’t digress, and conclude firmly yet graciously by thanking the reader.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

When you’re writing your cover letter based on the techniques you learned from our free inventory specialist cover letter sample, feel free to focus on emphasizing any of your skills that you feel are relevant, but definitely touch on the following four.

● Computer Skills: Aside from common skills like email, you’ll need to be especially skilled with spreadsheets and corporate software that tends to differ from organization to organization.
● Organized: You need to have a passion for neatness and have an efficient process for how you keep track of things.
● Detail-Oriented: You need to have the burning desire to double-check and find any subtle errors to make sure there are no mistakes in the inventory.
● Physical Strength and Stamina: There’s a good chance that you’ll need to spend some time moving boxes in a supply room or warehouse.