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Advance your career with a strong warehouse manager resume. We have the perfect guide to help you, with tips on what to add, skills to include, and how using a Resume Builder will save you time.  

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Warehouse manager resume(text version)


Lake Charles, LA 70612

Professional Summary

Efficient warehouse manager with over 10 years of experience in warehouse operations to meet continuous internal and customer needs. Well-coordinated and decisive leader with expertise in team building and performance optimization. Solid history of success in developing and maintaining best practices for effective high-volume fulfillment.

Work History

December 2015 – Current
Altice – Lake Charles, LA

  • Diminish accidents by 70% for $300,000 yearly cost savings by identifying root causes for corrective action.
  • Onboard, train and supervise 12 warehouse staff members with a strong record of meeting schedule and performance goals.
  • Simplify shipping and receiving processes, which boosts productivity by 25%.

July 2011 – November 2015
Citadel Completions LLC – Lake Charles, LA

  • Oversaw upkeep of equipment and physical condition of the warehouse, identifying and ordering needed repairs, renovations and replacements.
  • Maintained strong vendor connections at all stages, including arranging pricing and delivery structures and managing specific shipment or paperwork concerns.
  • Handled day-to-day shipping and receiving overseeing more than 8,000 packages per day.

May 2009 – June 2011
Hajoca Corporation – Westlake, LA

  • Adhered to industry best practices for warehousing, material handling and documentation.
  • Tracked production and quality control systems to proactively identify deficiencies.
  • Managed day-to-day operations of the warehouse, including freight and parcel shipments, returns and transfers.


  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Database management
  • Policy and procedure adherence
  • Staff management
  • Hiring and training
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organization


Northwestern State University of Louisiana Natchitoches, LA
Bachelor of Science Operations Management

5 essentials of a warehouse manager resume

  1. Contact details

    Include your full name, city, state and ZIP code. Don’t forget to add your phone number, email address and a link to your LinkedIn profile. Include any other professional website or networking website profile in this section.

  2. Personal statement

    Also called a professional summary, the personal statement is your introduction to the recruiter or manager. In no more than five sentences, present your strongest skills, your best professional accomplishment and your years of experience. Use the job description as a guide on what’s the best information to include. 

  3. Skills

    The warehouse manager skills in a resume tell a manager what they know and how they will work. Use bullet points to add a balanced list of hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are all about the job, like operations management, documentation and safety procedures. Soft skills refer to your work habits and how you work with others, like leadership, relationship building and conflict management. 

    If you have no experience, include transferable skills from other employment opportunities, particularly skills that show your leadership and management skills.

  4. Work history

    In reverse-chronological order, include your career employment. Add the name of your workplace, locations and dates of employment. Under each job, include at least three measurable achievements. For example, the amount of supervised employees, successful changes made to a warehouse process and decrease in accidents. 

    If you have no experience as a manager, include other relevant work experience that showcases your knowledge.

  5. Education

    Use bullet points to present your education. Include the school name, degree and graduation years. If it has been 10 years or more, you can skip the graduation year. Remember to include any academic accomplishments, like projects, research, scholarships or other important memberships.

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Do’s and don’ts for building a warehouse manager resume

  • Use measurable achievements to describe your warehouse manager abilities and experience.
  • Use action words to make an impact on your warehouse manager resume.
  • Tailor your resume to your target warehouse manager job.
  • Use keywords from the job description throughout your warehouse manager resume.
  • Format your warehouse manager resume so that it is easy to read by ATS software and human eyes.
  • Lie about your warehouse manager’s experience and skills.
  • Boast that you’re the “best warehouse manager ever.”
  • Include irrelevant personal information such as your ethnicity and age.
  • Add skills and experience that do not pertain to warehouse or managing.
  • Forget to proofread. A warehouse manager resume with errors is unprofessional.

Top 4 tips for acing a warehouse manager interview

  1. Research the company.

    Before the interview, find time to learn about the company, its mission, values and goals. This will help you prepare for the interview, learn about the company culture and will help you write questions for the end of the interview. Plus, it will show your commitment and you’ll be a desirable candidate to the hiring manager.

  2. Practice at home.

    It is almost guaranteed you will hear one of the most common interview questions. Prepared for the expected. Take a look at some of these questions. For example:

    Take it a step further and practice a mock interview. Ask a trusted person to act as the interviewer, and then provide feedback on your answers, tone and body language. 

    Write down your best answers and continue to practice in front of a mirror on the days leading to your interview. This practice will help build your confidence for this and other interviews. 

  3. Prepare questions for your interview.

    Stay one step ahead and prepare questions for the end of your interview. This process goes both ways: you’re also getting to know the employer. Have at least three questions ready for the interviewer. 

    Here are a few examples for inspiration:

    • What are the day-to-day duties?
    • What’s the company culture like? 
    • What are the expectations for this role?
    • What are you seeking to change with a new hire for this role?
    • How do you measure performance for this role?
    • What is the biggest challenge for this position? 
    • How do you support this role? What tools do you provide?

    Remember to ask open-ended questions and allow the interviewer to answer before moving on to the next.

  4. Round up your references.

    Get your references ready. Talk to your previous managers and colleagues to ask them to become your reference. Remember, they should be able to vouch for your skills and employment. Let them know where you are in the process andwhen they can expect a phone call or email. Ask ahead if they could also write a letter of recommendation.

    If this is your first job, request references from professors, classmates, volunteer coordinators, or someone that could corroborate your skills.

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