Warehouse Supervisor Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A strong and strategic cover letter can put you head and shoulders above your competitors for a supervisory position. Think of the letter as an opportunity to give a brief presentation on your relevant attributes and skills that make you the best pick for the job. Read our free warehouse supervisor cover letter sample and writing tips below to make the whole process easier. We’ve thrown in industry-specific ideas on what to include in your own letter.

Dear Mr. Benning,

I have worked 15 years in warehouse operations for several companies and am now looking to advance in operations management. I can use the skills gained from my experience as well as from my training to be an asset in your warehouse supervisor position.

After I gained experience in basic warehouse functions, I was given the responsibility to update warehouse records and direct machine operators in moving material. I also grew in my ability to recognize how warehouse operations could be improved. On my own, I took a continuing education class in basic management skills, which further enhanced my leadership strategy.

As both a manager and a facility worker, safety is a high priority. I have completed advanced OSHA training and have served on safety committees in the last two facilities I worked at.

I look forward to discussing this opportunity further. Thank you for your consideration. I know you will find me a conscientious and experienced warehouse operations employee who is ready to take on a supervisory role.

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What to Include in a Warehouse Supervisor Cover Letter

In addition to basing your cover letter on the free warehouse supervisor cover letter sample, open your introduction with a professional tone. Be sure to address the reader personally. Also, a brief story highlighting the progression of your career and your desire to advance through the new position will make the interviewer curious to read your resume. Finally, end with a thank you and cordial salutation.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

It’s important to make your cover letter fit with the position you are applying for. Consider the details from the free warehouse supervisor cover letter sample above. Additionally, here are some general managerial and warehousing skills that you may find valuable to include:

● Communication skills: Supervisors need to communicate instructions to workers as clearly as possible. Many also report to upper management regarding warehouse progress.
● Customer service skills: Supervisors are ultimately responsible for the satisfaction of their warehouse clients. Putting customers first requires mobilization of employees to make sure what the client wants is delivered.
● Supervisory skills: Not only responsible for giving instructions to workers, supervisors must additionally perform human resource functions, such as hiring, evaluating, and terminating employees.
● Physical stamina: The warehouse environment requires a lot of physical activity. You should expect long days on your feet even when supervising.