Shipping Receiving Clerk Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: November 14, 2022
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Searching for a new job can be overwhelming, but with an excellent resume, you can land the shipping receiving clerk job you want.  Your resume is one of the best tools you have to market yourself. Use this opportunity to market yourself by highlighting your skills and accomplishments.

As a shipping receiving clerk you have technical skills. It’s important to highlight the technical skills that are applicable to the particular job you are applying for. Try not to be too general with this portion of your resume. Make sure you tailor the listing of your technical skills for the hiring manager.

Take a look at our assistant shipping receiving clerk resume templates to guide you as you write your own stellar resume.

Shipping Receiving Clerk Resume Questions

1. What does a good shipping receiving clerk resume look like?

Organizing your resume in a particular way is vital to a successful job search. Many hiring managers demand candidates use the standard resume layout or they may not even review their applications. To make sure you format your resume correctly, either review our shipping receiving clerk resume sample or use our step-by-step resume builder.

Your resume should begin with a brief summary statement. Next, include a short list of your skills. Your experience section should be next and be the largest section. Finally, the last section in your resume should be your educational information.

2. What technical skills should you put on a shipping receiving clerk resume?

The exact technical skills that you include in your resume depend on your unique experiences and the priorities of each individual hiring manager. You can see some of the most common skills for this field on our shipping receiving clerk resume sample, but simply copying skills is a bad idea. Instead, think carefully about which skills the position requires and read the job description carefully.

3. How can you highlight team experience on a shipping receiving clerk resume?

The best way to emphasize team experience, or any professional attribute, is to incorporate it into every section of your resume. You can mention your teamwork ability in the summary statement, include it as a bullet point in the skills section, and describe it in whichever previous jobs required such skills in the work experience section.

4. How do you write the experience section of your shipping receiving clerk resume?

The experience section is the most important, and you should organize it following the standard format. Take a look at our shipping receiving clerk resume sample to see how to lay out this section.

List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order. Under each position, write up a short bulleted list that describes your responsibilities. You should include between five and eight bullet points for each job. It is important that the first word of every bullet point is a strong action verb. Think about which words describe your actions when you had that job. The entire section should be in past tense, except for your current job, which should be in present tense.

5. How do you list schools in a shipping receiving clerk resume?

Your education section should be the shortest part of your resume, and it should always appear at the very end of the document. There are only a few pieces of information that you need to include. These are the name of your school, the date of graduation or expected date of graduation, and the type of degree you earned. You should not include your GPA or details about your grades. Occasionally, an individual employer requests these specific pieces of information in the job description. Be on the lookout for this request when searching for jobs.

Resume Text

Troy Weathers

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000

Organized Shipping Receiving Clerk dedicated to the comprehensive and accurate coordination of shipping rates and routes. Skilled at providing detailed record verification and processing, processing customer orders and facilitating shipments, and shipment and equipment labeling. Specialize in reviewing order reports and reconciling accounts to ensure accuracy.


  • Shipping routes
  • Inventory logging
  • Documentation and filing
  • Rate coordination
  • Work orders
  • Status assessments
  • Scheduling

Work Experience
February 2009 to March 2015
Company Name — City, State
Shipping Receiving Clerk

  • Prepared shipping routes, assessed rates, and determined most cost effective and expedient shipping methods
  • Logged incoming shipments into database, processed and organized information
  • Inspected incoming shipments for damage, monitored shipments for discrepancies in orders

May 2004 to January 2009
Company Name Goods — City, State
Shipping Receiving Clerk

  • Determined shipping routes, coordinated rates with shipping companies and signed long term shipping deals
  • Sorted, counted, packaged, and labelled outgoing shipments, organized incoming shipments
  • Provided comprehensive customer service including status assessments, work order updates, customer query response, and problem solving

February 2000 to April 2004
Company Name — City, State
Shipping Receiving Clerk

  • Placed individual customer orders, processed shipping and billing information and organized documentation
  • Coordinated ideal shipping routes and methods of delivery, provided status updates to customers
  • Affixed labels to individual packages when necessary, organized and stocked outgoing shipments and prepared for incoming shipments

1999 San Diego State University, City, State
Bachelor of Science in Business Logistics