Since the days of the Pony Express, we’ve relied on the postal service to keep us connected by delivering the mail. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a job as a postal service clerk, a horse is no longer necessary! You will, however, need a great resume to demonstrate your customer service skills, reliability, and a willingness to learn and help others. Postal service employees have a lot of different responsibilities, so read the job posting carefully and tailor your resume to the requirements of the position. You might be doing anything from processing and delivering mail to assisting customers at the counter. Retail experience and computer knowledge can both help you succeed as a postal clerk, so be sure to include any relevant skills in these areas on your resume. Not sure where to get started? Use our postal service clerk example with a resume template in our resume builder!

postal service clerk resume example

Postal Service Clerk Resume Questions

1. How do you format a postal service clerk resume?

As a postal service clerk, you should create a resume with a clean, basic resume template, but do not worry — this does not mean your resume will look boring. It simply means that instead of using pictures, graphics, and lots of color, your document will employ plenty of white space, professional fonts, and bullet points to appeal to hiring managers.

Organize your sections the same way the jobseeker in our postal service clerk resume sample does. List your summary first, followed by your qualifications. Position your work experience next. Then end with your education section. For more information on formatting your resume, visit our resume format page.

2. How do you make a postal service clerk resume for a first job?

You may not have official experience, but you probably possess other qualifications that may help you get your first job as a postal service clerk. Emphasize your people skills, attention to detail, and willingness to work busy shifts.

Place your qualifications and education sections in the top half of your document so prospective employers see these credentials first. Do not exclude a work experience section altogether. Try to incorporate into this part of your document unofficial jobs related to the position.

3. How can you highlight team experience on a postal service clerk resume?

While hiring managers often want to know if you can work independently, they also want to learn whether you can work as part of a team. Think of specific examples from your previous jobs that illustrate your ability to cooperate with co-workers. Remember to show, not tell.

The jobseeker in our postal service clerk resume examples states that he assisted carriers in loading their trucks with mail and helped with other processing jobs. In your work experience section, showcase similar duties and tasks. Use words such as “assisted” and “collaborated” to demonstrate this experience.

4. How many skills should you put on a postal service clerk resume?

Identify at least six skills in your qualifications section. If you have limited experience, provide a greater number of proficiencies to make this part of your document more prominent. If you are a veteran postal service clerk, list fewer skill sets to give more space to your work experience.

Write about abilities in navigating computer software, processing mail, and providing excellent customer service. Describe yourself as reliable, organized, and detail-oriented to illustrate to hiring managers your valuable soft skills as well.

The key qualifications on a postal service clerk resume include navigating computer software, experience processing mail, and providing excellent customer service. Describe yourself as reliable, organized, and detail-oriented to illustrate to hiring managers your valuable soft skills as well.

5. What is an accomplishments statement?

An accomplishment statement on a resume is just what it sounds like – a testimony to a professional success. Accomplishment statements can appear in either your Professional Summary Statement, your Work Experience section, or both. The best accomplishment statements include metrics, such how much revenue your work earned the company, to showcase the impact your work has had on your organization.

6. Should you include references on a postal service clerk resume?

Sometimes a job listing will instruct jobseekers to list references on their resumes. That is usually the only reason to include such information. Otherwise, it is best to devote the restricted space you have in your resume to your experience, education, proficiencies, and achievements, as our postal service clerk resume sample exemplifies.

Trying to learn everything to include and exclude in your resume may seem difficult, but the process is easier when you use our customized resume builder. This tool helps you construct every part of your document until you have your perfect finished resume ready to wow prospective employers.

7. How can I apply for a U.S. Postal Service job?

To apply for a job as a postal service clerk, visit the USPS website.

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Resume Text

Harold Brenner

123 Fake Street City,
State, Zip Code Cell: 000-000-0000

Reliable Postal Service Clerk who can work at several different stations in a postal facility, including the front service desk. Adept at delivering excellent customer service, attending to the needs of customers and keeping a customer line moving. Specializes in high volume work.


  • Exceptionally strong attention to detail
  • Very strong computer skills
  • Reliable employee who rarely takes an unscheduled day off
  • Willing to work shifts on the busiest days of the year
  • Has strong mail processing experience
  • Excellent ability to work with difficult customers

Work Experience
September 2011 to February 2015
Company Name – City, State
Postal Service Clerk

  • Often spent time assisting with several mail processing jobs during slow days at the service desk.
  • Was able to create several ways to keep customer lines moving on busy days.
  • Became proficient in handling difficult and loud customers.

May 2006 to September 2011
Company Name – City, State
Postal Service Clerk

  • Would sometimes help carriers to load up their trucks with the appropriate mail.
  • Sometimes handled the special sales desk that dealt with post office boxes and passports.
  • Rated with the highest customer satisfaction level in the entire office four months in a row.

June 1994 to May 2006
Company Name – City, State
Postal Service Clerk

  • Handled customer requests and utilized the computer system to process post office box orders.
  • Confirmed registered mail receipts and then distributed registered mail to the proper recipients.

1994 Keller High School, City, State
High School Diploma