Ruby on Rails is one of the hottest object-oriented application development packages around. There is high demand for developers who can utilize this development, but if your CV lacks focus and is unorganized and confusing, you may not make it to the interview process.

With so many functions that this type of development does and so many different software tools it uses, it is easy to get derailed by focusing on the wrong things. Use this Ruby on Rails developer CV example to understand how to format your CV and what important categories to include.


Emily Jacobson

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced Ruby on Rails developer who is enthusiastic about writing clean, efficient, and accessible code in a functional framework. Committed to the total development lifecycle, the maintenance of code quality and bug-free applications is of the utmost importance. Expert in leveraging the latest software tools to optimize data storage, e-commerce functionality, and fluidity across mobile platforms. A leader in identifying opportunities for applications development.

  •  Experienced Ruby on Rails developer with competencies in Jquery, and Ajax.
  • Knowledgeable and certified in JavaScript.
  • Familiar with the automation of testing platforms.
  • Able to integrate several databases together to form one database system.
  • Masterful with UI styling tool Bootstrap and the Sass CSS preprocessor.
  • Clean code writer that is fully versed in object-oriented coding.
  • Committed to scalable design and function as well as seamless integration.
  • Competent with templating languages on the server side such as Slim and Liquid.
  • Creative with database construction to best support application monetization.
Work Experience
Ruby on Rails Developer
2015 – Present


  • Write functional, unit, and integration tests for application quality assurance.
  • Use version control tool Git and code storage tool Github for added application functionality.
  • Complete database migrations with Ruby on Rails and ActiveRecord.
  • Build bespoke application credit card forms and assure payment reliability with Stripe API.
  • Integrate email functionality in applications by using Sendgrid.
  • Lead team meetings to optimize the application creation cycle.



Junior Rails Developer
2014 – 2015


  • Worked in an integrated development environment based in the cloud.
  • Leverage Wireframing utilities to design application concepts.
  • Constructed authentication systems with Rails stack from the ground up.
  • Utilized Devise to optimize application functionality.
  • Completed Rails stack, including admin feature, log in/log out and signup at first.



Application Test Associate                                                    2012 – 2014
  • Used Microsoft Visual Studio and Universal Windows Platform.
  • Performed extensive tests to ensure top app performance.
  • Employed Windows 10 Mobile emulators in testing protocol.
  • Documented test results and delivered them to the application development team.






Certified Ruby Programmer


Ruby Association
JavaScript Specialist Certification


Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy playing guitar and have taken several years of lessons focusing on the classical guitar genre. Additionally, I volunteer with my local Girl Scout organization with their annual fundraising campaign.



Questions for Your Ruby on Rails Developer CV

1. How do you write a Ruby on Rails developer CV?

A CV is typically longer than a resume, and in addition to what you include on a resume, you’ll add your hobbies and interests, achievements, awards and honors, publications, and more to your CV. Formatting is still important, though. Remember to use a clear font, strong headers, and sufficient spacing. Order your information logically, and always remember to proofread. Like a resume, information should be in reverse chronological order, and you should always write a professional summary. The Ruby on Rails developer CV sample is an excellent example of a beginner CV.

 2. Should you include references on a Ruby on Rails developer CV?

Never include references on your CV. The section takes up unnecessary space and doesn’t do anything to show off your skills or experience. While it used to be common to include a statement that references were available upon request, this is no longer necessary, expected, or wanted. Type your references in a separate document and save them for the interview. The interviewer will ask for them if he or she wants them. Don’t forget to inform the people you provide as references so that they know to expect a phone call or email from your potential employer.

 3. How do you describe computer skills on a Ruby on Rails developer CV?

Computer skills are obviously an important part of the job for a Ruby on Rails developer, so it isn’t enough to simply list them in the skills section. Instead, show how you use your skills. Like the applicant in the Ruby on Rails developer CV sample, pepper your computer skills throughout the experience section by adding them to the bullet points showcasing the work you did for previous companies. You can also include them as certifications or by showing you published your work on specific software in a relevant publication.

 4. What format should your Ruby on Rails developer CV be in?

Most companies will want your file to be .doc or .docx, so this is the best option when formatting your CV. However, some companies will ask for a .txt file, and still others want to see your creativity via a PDF file. The best idea is to use a .doc as your main format, but always pay attention to what the job description asks for. If you intend to apply for several jobs, you might consider keeping a version of your CV saved for each file type so that you always have what you need.

5. How do you highlight team experience on a Ruby on Rails developer CV?

Show that you have team experience by integrating it into your work experience bullet points. For example, the applicant in the Ruby on Rails developer CV sample mentions that she led team meetings at a previous job, which means she not only had to communicate with others, but mediate them. This proves both teamwork abilities and leadership skills. You can also add some of your team experience in your skills and qualifications section or even in your hobbies and interests section, depending on what they are. Create a better submission by using our step-by-step CV builder.

Ruby on Rails Developer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Ruby on Rails Developer Do?

A Ruby on Rails developer designs and creates applications based on object-oriented development concepts. Ruby is the development language, and Rails is the framework the software is written onto, hence Ruby on Rails. Developers are expected to write both server-side functions as well as back-end coding. Once the design is set, developers insert front-end code from other developers and collaborate with third-party servers to connect the application with the web.

Once an application is built and connected, the code needs to be maintained, and any bugs that show up must be fixed. Data storage issues for the application will require frequent maintenance and accommodation. It is important to be detailed in your CV so that all your skills and experience shine. The Ruby on Rails developer CV example shows how you can highlight crucial software skills and still have an action-oriented CV that focuses on you.

Tips for Creating a Great Ruby on Rails Developer CV

Here are some tips to fine tune your CV and help it stand out from the rest:

  • Remember to check your CV for grammar and spelling errors, and be sure it is all in the same font.
  • In your introductory statement, the focus is on you, not the names of the software you use. Use active verbs and punchy adjectives to distinguish yourself from the crowd and gain the attention of less technical types who will also consider your resume.
  • In your work experience section, feel free to detail all the different software names you have used as well as what you used them for that made an impact on the quality of the application.
  • Show in your CV that you not only can do the work of application development, but that you care about its quality as well.
  • Use the opportunity your CV offers to show your flexibility and creativity with changing client goals and project specifications.

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