Your curriculum vitae (CV) is your potential ticket into an interview with a hiring manager, so you want to make that first impression count. Make sure your CV fully represents you as a professional and gets you noticed. When your CV is positive, professional, and action oriented, it has its best chance at being looked at favorably. Check out this electrical maintenance engineer CV example to see proper CV format, structure, and tone guidelines in action. With the CV example and the additional tips, you will feel confident in writing your own CV that will garner its own positive attention.


Martin Carpenter

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Enthusiastic electrical maintenance professional who is proactive in maintaining equipment. Conservation-minded and always looking for a more optimal operational standard to put to good use. Detail oriented and always pursuing the path to improvement on all electrical components, machines, and wiring. Willing communicator with other staff and equipment users. Customer service oriented and quite flexible with changes in work environment and assignments.

Work Experience
Junior Electrical Maintenance Engineer
2014 – Present


  • Make recommendations for electrical component updates for energy savings.
  • Ensure all electrical wiring conforms to the latest safety standards.
  • Supervise maintenance associates on assigned shifts.
  • Schedule regular maintenance on all electrical equipment.
  • Explain equipment functionality to other staff and operators.

Building Maintenance Associate
2012 – 2014


  • Initiated a maintenance department fire safety inspection protocol.
  • Responded to a wide variety of maintenance requests.
  • Completed general building repair duties as well as preventative maintenance.
  • Investigated aging building infrastructure to recommend repair or replacement to supervisory staff.
  • Ordered supplies on an as needed basis and recorded them in the inventory as well as maintained an inventory of commonly used parts.

Weekend Maintenance Assistant
2010 – 2012



  • Performed routine building maintenance and responded to maintenance requests.
  • Notified supervisors regarding emergency maintenance requests.
  • Provided support to weekday staff during emergency maintenance.

Maintenance Career Exploration
2009 – 2010



  • Participated in career immersion program with school liaison staff.
  • Learned about general maintenance categories and subjects.
  • Performed routine maintenance tasks under staff supervision.


Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Construction and Maintenance Technology



Hobbies and Interests

For recreation, I enjoy all kinds of snow sports, including snowboarding, snowshoeing, and downhill skiing. In the summer, I pursue hiking to get out to remote campsites when time and the weather permit. To give back to the local community, I use my professional electrical maintenance skills to participate in Habitat for Humanity projects throughout the Denver area.


Electrical Maintenance Engineer Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Electrical Maintenance Engineer Do?

Electrical maintenance engineers are needed virtually everywhere there is electricity in use. As someone who repairs and maintains machines that use electricity to operate, an electrical maintenance engineer is a necessity in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. Found on almost any building maintenance staff, an electrical maintenance engineer is also called upon to install electrical components and machines. The maintenance engineer also frequently gives advice and training to machine users on proper usage. When breakdowns occur, electrical maintenance engineers may need to work long hours to make sure the problem is solved. They also can help a business save money on energy expenditures by performing energy audits and making energy conservation recommendations. With such a responsible position, it is imperative that your CV is strong and communicates your expertise. The electrical maintenance engineer CV example shows how to make a good impression.

Tips for Creating a Great Electrical Maintenance Engineer CV

When going for a new position in electrical maintenance, it is important to showcase what your prospective employer wants to see. Your CV is your platform through which you communicate your knowledge, skill, and work ethic. Here are some more tips to get your CV into top shape:

  • Remember to double check spelling and grammar before you submit your CV.
  •  Make sure your contact information at the top of your CV is correct.
  • Do not include information in the hobbies and interests section that might be considered too personal; focus on your activities that give the prospective employer an idea of you as a person.
  •  Include any specific certifications earned at work in your job experience section.
  • Take note of your interpersonal communication skills in the introduction, work experience, and skill areas of your CV.
  • Write about times you exceeded expectations or initiated a new program at work.
  • Don’t be afraid to use sentence fragments in your CV; doing so is perfectly allowed and might even be expected.

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