In the competitive film industry, every job has many applicants. Graduating from a prominent media school is not a guarantee that you are set for your career. It is challenging to compete in this type of job market, but by referring to this film crew CV example and looking at its content, tone, and format, as well as the accompanying tips, you can get ideas of how to craft the ideal CV for the next film industry position you apply to.

Adam Streeter

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced media production professional committed to the artistic expression of stories and ideas in film format. A clear communicator with direction experience in both documentary and dramatic film productions. Knowledgeable in principal photography set organization and workflow and engaging and motivational in approach.

  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Word scripting software, Adobe Systems Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, and Adobe After Effects.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability in principal photography and post production.
  • Able to organize and prioritize time well, delegating when necessary.
  • A cultivated artistic vision formed through an immersive experience in the film industry.
  • Excellent communication skills to engage a cast and crew to do their best work.
  • Ability to remain attentive to details while working long hours.
Work Experience
Director 2016-Present



  • Study scripts in order to form a creative vision of the film production.
  • Share the creative vision of the production with costume designers, set construction personnel, and art directors.
  • Collaborate in cast, crew, and location selections.
  • Coordinate filming style and specific shots with the director of photography.
  • Manage the contribution of lighting and sound departments to the production.
  • Direct the performances of the cast.

Assistant Director
2013 -2016



  • Create storyboards for every scene in the film.
  • Designed the shooting schedule for all principal photography in consultation with the director.
  • Ensured that the shooting schedule was followed during filming.
  • Coordinated activities between the production office and the film set.
  • Assisted with the direction of extras and special effects when needed.
  • Worked with the budget, weather, and cast availability constraints during the filming process.
  • Hired production equipment and props and arranged for filming location use.

Production Runner
2010 – 2013




  • Performed studio office administration duties, including data entry and record keeping, answering the telephone, dispatched health and safety notices to sets, and made arrangements for transportation and air travel reservations.
  • Provided call sheets and other production paperwork to sets.
  • Assisted in production public relations.
  • Coordinated location extras and provided crowd control.
  • Made sure the set or external location was kept clean.


Master of Arts in Film Production


University of Southern California
City, State
Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications


California State University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy windsurfing and mountain hiking for exercise. I am keenly interested in the history of the Civil Rights Movement, and it has been the subject of both a film school documentary and the subject of a dramatic screenplay I am writing.


Film Crew Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Film Crew Do?

There is a wide range of activities that a film crew does. A director will interpret the script, plan for photography, rehearse with the cast as needed, and coordinate with sound, lighting, and photography professionals. As the supervisor for the whole production, a director relies on assistants and production runners to coordinate and perform the myriad tasks that keep a film production running.

An assistant director can help with developing a shooting schedule, directing extras, and coordinating with special effects. A production runner can do many different tasks, including being a courier, answering phones, and writing cue cards. In order to make the strongest assertion of your skills, interests, and experience, look at this film crew CV example for ideas.

Tips for Creating a Great Film Crew CV

You have gotten your education, paid your dues as a production runner and as an assistant, and now you desire to advance in the film industry. A standout CV from our CV maker will be one of the things that can help you succeed in progressing in your film career.

Here are some tips that will help you write your best CV ever:

  • As much as possible, include hobbies and interests in your CV that are applicable and complementary to your experience in the film industry.
  • Remember to include technical knowledge and leadership ability in your skills section.
  • Coordination of tasks is a huge part of a successful film production. Give examples of your experience coordinating on a film set.
  • Make sure your CV is free from typos and misspellings, then have a friend read it through and give you feedback about its clarity.
  • Always include any applicable memberships in media organizations on your CV.

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