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JuanM. Ramrez

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled CCTV operator with 10 years of experience in security and wastewater management industries. Extensive knowledge of operation, maintenance, and repair for both analog and digital closed circuit television equipment. Dedicated professional emphasizes logical organization in the categorization and archival of CCTV footage to ensure consistent availability and easy access. Conscientious operator adheres to safety protocols and security measures. Meticulous attention to detail, focusing on diagnostics as well as protecting clients, property and assets.

  • Excellent at communicating with colleagues, management, and clients to transmit necessary -information, collaboratively solve problems, and secure persons and property.
  • Focused analytical and critical thinking skills to troubleshoot equipment and create solutions that improve equipment, processes, and departmental efficiency.
  • Demonstrate multi-tasking abilities for engaging in multiple job functions daily.
  • Intense attention to detail to keep accurate records, observe and report suspicious activity, ensure the safety of others, diagnose technical issues, and maintain equipment in excellent condition.
  • Fluent Spanish allows effective communication with Spanish-speaking clients, coworkers, and management.
Work Experience
CCTV Support Technician
2014 to present



  • Install, maintain, and repair CCTV equipment for municipal utility and sewer department.
  • Perform hardware and software upgrades of CCTV diagnostic network.
  • Troubleshoot, construct, and modify closed circuit television cameras, cabling, and other supporting equipment.

CCTV Operator



  • Monitored premises of large commercial office complex with CCTV network.
  • Reviewed activities captured on camera and notified authorities of suspicious activity.
  • Archived CCTV footage and maintained its tracking database.
  • Installed, repaired, and maintained CCTV cameras.
  • Kept maintenance and repair records for security equipment.
  • Identified areas that required CCTV monitoring.
  • Worked with IT and purchasing departments to develop and implement an upgraded, expanded CCTV security monitoring system.

Unarmed Security Officer




  • Monitored CCTV security network at public library branch.
  • Observed and reported suspicious activity to management and authorities.
  • Greeted visitors and guests.
  • Patrolled facilities on foot to ensure safety of patrons as well as to enforce library rules.
  • Wrote and kept records of incident reports.
  • Responded to medical and fire emergencies on premises.


Pipeline Assessment Certification Program


National Association of Sewer Service Companies
City, State
CCTV Security Camera and Network Certificate
Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer as a web designer for a local Hispanic community service and outreach center. I enjoy experiencing the musical cultures, cuisines, and arts scenes in my city. I also enjoy reading about and researching computers and technology, and I assist friends and family with their computers and wi-fi networks in my spare time.


CCTV Operator Job Overview and Tips

What Does a CCTV Operator Do?

While CCTV operators usually gain experience working with video security networks, some put their skills and knowledge to use in diagnostics and troubleshooting in sewage, plumbing, and construction settings. These professionals typically work for private security companies, schools, hospitals, libraries, corporate offices, shopping centers, plumbing and contracting companies, municipal utility and sewer management offices, and government buildings. CCTV operators often monitor, archive, and keep records of footage, with some also performing installation, maintenance, and repair duties. This CCTV operator CV example shows how to highlight important skills, experience gained at previous jobs, career-related accomplishments, and other merits that illustrate your qualifications to potential employers.

Tips for Creating a Great CCTV Operator CV

By now, you should have a solid idea of the format and structure for crafting your CCTV operator CV. These additional tips will help you fine-tune your document in our CV maker before you release it into the wild:

  • Choose your work details with care. For your CV to get attention, recruiters will need to see your qualifications and successes. List these as bullet points, and be sure to emphasize past job experience that’s relevant to the positions you’re now seeking.
  • Avoid adding political or religious viewpoints. Adding other personal information in your curriculum vitae is a great idea, especially if you list hobbies and interests that relate to your professional life, but be sure to keep your tone professional.
  • Along with any degrees earned, be sure to also list completed education to obtain professional certifications.
  • For current work experience, use present tense verbs. Reserve past tense verb forms for prior job positions.
  • Do not submit your CV without checking for mistakes. Proofread or have a friend or family member check for spelling and grammar to avoid embarrassing errors.

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