Finding a new job means you are entering a competition with many other applicants who also bring their own set of qualifications. In order to set yourself apart from other candidates and land interviews, you need to ensure your curriculum vitae highlights your experience and skills in a professional, concise, and well-formatted way. This logistics coordinator CV example and the following tips about what to include and avoid will guide you as you construct your own CV so you can reach your employment goals.

Tom Swanson

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced, detail-oriented logistics coordinator qualified in data-based analytics and data management. Proficient at cutting costs and enhancing system efficiency through streamlined operations, and looking for areas where improvements can be made. Extremely effective at marketing for main liner freight forwarding as well as international shipping services. Committed to operational efficiency and adept at working within a team setting to ensure all members are on the same page. Interested in continually pursuing additional education and learning more about the logistics industry.

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills that contribute to a successful logistics chain
  • Effective at multitasking and organizing teams to complete a pre-determined goal
  • Experienced with budget management, item tracking, vendor coordination, and inventory control
  • Extensive knowledge of 3PL and other software and tracking programs used frequently in the supply chain management industry
  • Dedicated to fulfilling both short and long-term goals and managing teams to meet them
Work Experience
Logistics Coordinator
June 2015 – Present



  • Forward client-related service and quality issues to the right party for resolution.
  • Complete and oversee traffic and registration documents so transportation issues are reduced.
  • Communicate any delays due to weather or other emergencies to the appropriate party to maintain client satisfaction rating of above 90 percent.
  • Resolve issues related to customer warehouses and related carriers.

Logistics Coordinator
May 2011 – June 2015



  • Negotiated and oversaw the completion of contracts with outside providers to reduce costs and operational inefficiencies, resulting in $60,000 saved per year.
  • Defined helpful metrics and measurements so results could be achieved in a timely manner.
  • Oversaw the scheduling for 250 transportation employees on a day-to-day basis.
  • Created shipment assignments for carriers based on client timelines.

Logistics Manager
April 2009 – April 2011




  • Managed rush orders and order changes on a daily basis so client objectives could be met.
  • Monitored shipments to ensure they remained on track to be delivered on time and at the right location.
  • Finished any necessary custom documents to prevent time-sensitive shipments from getting delayed.
  • Exhibited strategic leadership to support long-range sales growth.


April 2008- April 2009


Paulson and Associates Transportation
Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management


Boise State University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and spending time at my local climbing gym, refining my rock climbing skills. While at home, I frequently try out new recipes with ingredients I find at the farmer’s market. I also enjoy spending time with my spouse and two children, playing basketball, going to the park, and swimming.


Questions for Your Logistics Coordinator CV

 What format should your logistics coordinator CV be in?

The chronological style is the most popular CV format. This is a lengthy document, so it’s easiest to create a list of your past jobs by year. If your CV is under a page or two, you could go with an alternate format. The functional style is exceptional for emphasizing your potential and minimizing a lack of job experience. You could also create a hybrid CV to play up your skills while still using the chronological format for your job history. We offer CV templates for all three format options.

 How do you write an objective statement for a logistics coordinator CV?

Objective statements no longer form the introduction of every CV. Every item on this document should sell you to prospective employers. The objective statement is fluff writing that simply declares you’re interested in a job. Create a more dynamic read by using a summary statement. This serves an introduction to you as a candidate and broadcasts your abilities. Write a succinct statement that draws attention to your best qualities; the logistics coordinator CV sample has an excellent example of this.

 How long should a logistics coordinator CV be?

Length is the only real difference between resumes and CVs. Resumes should be a concise overview of your work experience and education. Your CV, on the other hand, is a comprehensive detailing of your career. Your resume should only be longer than a page if you’ve been working for over a decade. Even in that case, it should be a maximum of two pages. Your CV can be any length; the logistics coordinator CV sample is only a page. Alternately, veteran professionals may need a dozen pages to list their education, skills, job positions, and awards.

 How do you write the header of a logistics coordinator CV?

The header, as the name implies, is the top of your CV. It provides hiring managers with an effortless way to distinguish you from others and has your contact information. The header includes your name, address, email address, and phone number. The logistics coordinator CV sample includes a large, bolded name as part of the header. Using larger writing, a different font, or a splash of color here can lend visual impact to an otherwise boring document. Just make sure you keep it professional and understated.

 How do your list certifications on your logistics coordinator CV?

Certifications should go in the education section of your CV. This lists the official title of your degrees and certifications, the issuing organizations, their locations, and the years you received them. Start with your most advanced degree before listing any certifications. If your advanced degree isn’t relevant to logistics coordination (e.g. a PhD in classical studies), you can list pertinent degrees and certifications first. If you need help on this section, you can create your CV on our CV maker and receive step-by-step assistance in writing any section.

Logistics Coordinator CV Must-Haves


What Does a Logistics Coordinator Do?

Within the supply chain industry, logistics coordinators ensure that all activities go smoothly. They are responsible for staying on top of orders and ensuring they are delivered to the correct place on time. They also respond to client concerns and requests while managing the transportation professionals who are responsible for making deliveries. Additionally, logistics coordinators make projections regarding the timeliness of deliveries and budgeting for current and future projects. As you can see from this logistics coordinator CV example, you must have strong interpersonal skills and an ability to manage the intricacies of various projects while overseeing a team of other professionals. Make sure you highlight these skills within your own CV so future employers recognize you as a technical-minded, goal-oriented professional.

Tips for Creating a Great Logistics Coordinator CV

There are many pieces of information you need to include and formatting rules you need to keep in mind as you craft your own CV. Here are a few tips that can help you create a document that sets you apart from other candidates:

  • When writing your Hobbies and Interests section, refrain from including information that is too personal, such as your religious or political views.
  • Use metrics to describe your personal success. For instance, you might state how much money you saved during a certain project while still maintaining impressive delivery times.
  • Before you submit your CV, proofread it one more time to catch and correct formatting and spelling errors.
  • Your Professional Summary statement should be the hook that gets employers interested in what you have to offer, so take time to include your best achievements and abilities.
  • Use action verbs in your Work Experience section to help employers recognize your skills.

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