It can be incredibly intimidating to apply for a promising new job in your chosen field, but by creating a strong curriculum vitae, you can gain confidence in yourself and stand out from the other candidates. The best CVs are designed to catch the attention of employers and provide all the information they need to make their decision.

Your CV should include information about your previous jobs, skills you have acquired, your education and qualifications, and other professional traits. To be sure your CV meets the high standards employers frequently have for CVs, take a look at this procurement specialist CV example.


Jude Hooke

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Highly talented and professional procurement specialist. Familiar with leading a department and hold 10 years experience in planning, production, and acquisitions. Excellent leadership and management skills. A candidate who prioritizes strong communication to eliminate the possibility of errors due to miscommunication. Extensive experience completing administrative tasks and maintain organized approach to procurement. Incorporate evaluation and analysis to identify beneficial investments.

  • Excellent management, leadership, and executive experience and abilities to lead acquisitions team
  • Extensive professional and interpersonal communication skills, both written and oral
  • Strong business operations and economic knowledge to understand which purchases and investments are most beneficial
  • Highly organized professional with extensive experience in administration
  • Developed critical thinking, decision-making, and evaluation skills
Work Experience
Procurement Specialist
2014 to present



  • Oversee all inventory to establish equilibrium in using and purchasing supplies.
  • Investigate the market and perform research to identify whether a potential acquisition is feasible and beneficial.
  • Create projections of future demand to be prepared.
  • Lead acquisitions department, managing entire staff and delegating tasks.
  • Consider reports from consultants and investigators to make a more informed decision.
  • Review equipment orders, ensure supply is met, and consider the manufacturing process.
  • Maintain record of 90 percent acquisitions success rate.

Procurement Specialist Assistant
2010 to 2014



  • Assisted the procurement specialist in all functions.
  • Retrieved records and specific documents quickly upon request.
  • Relayed information from the procurement specialist to all acquisitions staff accurately.
  • Compiled reports and made presentations to the procurement specialist.

Planning and Production Manager
2007 to 2010




  • Created a plan for special projects, taking demand and supply into consideration.
  • Explained plan instructions and requirements to technicians and specialists clearly.
  • Maintained a record of more than 85 percent project success rate over three years.


Master of Business Administration


University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Business Administration


University of Oklahoma
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, and I especially enjoy immersing myself in different cultures to develop my communication and understanding skills. To stay active and fit, I run on a daily basis and play soccer. I also volunteer my time with a local charity organization.



Questions for Your Procurement Specialist CV

1. How do you make a procurement specialist CV for a first job?

Far too many people believe that the only purpose of a CV is to share your work history. That implies you do not need to submit one of you have no professional experience. Yet your CV does more than show where you have been; it tells employers where you can go if given the chance.

You do this by emphasizing the other areas of your CV (e.g., your professional summary, skills, and education sections). Consult our CV maker tool to see customized examples on how to do this for your particular industry.

2. How should you structure your procurement specialist CV?

Consider the industry you work in when contemplating which format to follow for your CV. Procurement specialists often have to think outside of the box when coming up with purchasing solutions. Thus, skills like creativity and adaptability are highly valued by employers. Choosing a creative format for your CV demonstrates those skills.

A closer look at the procurement specialist CV sample reveals the use of different fonts, text sizing, and line breaks. This format displays an eye for design as well as a technical understanding of how to properly utilize those tools in creating a well-composed document. Incorporating the sections traditionally found in a CV into this format will make a strong first impression with readers.

3. How long should a procurement specialist CV be?

The easy answer to this question would be just long enough to prove your point. However, some may consider that to be a couple of paragraphs, while others may believe it to be multiple pages. Achieving the ideal length with your CV takes some critical thinking.

Remember that recruiters will initially only have about one minute to review your CV. It is virtually impossible to pull all of the important information off of multiple pages in that time. Conversely, there should be at least enough content to occupy that entire time. Take a look at the procurement specialist CV sample. At one full page, it is the ideal length.

4. What technical skills should you put on a procurement specialist CV?

Technical skills are more than just an understanding of software programs and virtual applications; they also include industry-specific information and best practices. For example, the applicant in the procurement specialist CV sample states that she possesses strong business and economic knowledge and a familiarity with investment strategies. Only experienced professionals would typically possess such knowledge.

5. How do you optimize your procurement specialist CV for an ATS?

Application tracking systems are software programs that screen applications and CVs for certain keywords and phrases that indicate a strong industry-insider knowledge. It prioritizes these documents and ensures that they are the first seen by recruiters.

If you know the keywords an ATS looks for, you can optimize your CV with that content. Review the job listing again, looking for terms and phrases that appear multiple times throughout. These are likely the same terms an ATS will recognize. Repeating them at different locations in your CV ensures an ATS will not pass it over.

Procurement Specialist CV Must-Haves

What Does a Procurement Specialist Do?

Procurement specialists are highly ranked executives in a corporation. They are responsible for the acquisitions of the company, such as buy-outs, mergers, investments, or the purchase of equipment. While the exact responsibilities will vary from one job opening to another, all procurement specialists are tasked with overseeing purchases of some kind. They may also be involved in the hiring process, especially for employees working in the financial or acquisitions departments.

Strong economic and business administration knowledge and experience is the most important aspect to include in your CV because it is at the core of the job responsibilities. Communication skills, organization, and decision-making should also be displayed prominently. Use the above procurement specialist CV example to determine the best ways to illustrate these elements effectively. You should also refer to each specific job description to discover keywords to include that will tailor your CV to each unique position.

Tips for Creating a Great Procurement Specialist CV

While writing your CV, adhere to these writing tips to make the process more successful:

  •  Your summary should include a general overview of all the information found on your CV, including your work history and skills. The best summaries are between four and six lines long.
  •  Do focus on your experience section. Because this is the information employers are most interested in, it should be the longest section and include the strongest information. Emphasize how successful you were in previous positions and paint a picture of what your responsibilities were.
  • Do not format your experience section incorrectly. The positions should be listed in reverse chronological order with only the currently held position in present tense. All other jobs should be described in past tense.
  •  Use a strong action verb to begin each bullet point in this section.
  •  Do include real metrics and numbers to add credibility to your CV. It will also give readers a more solid idea of what kind of employee you would be if you were hired.

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