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To write the perfect resume work history section you should keep these two things in mind: don’t just list your duties and show hiring managers why you are right for the position. Showing what you’ve accomplished in a previous job is the information hiring managers want. My Perfect Resume’s expert advice below - will show you how to write your work history section.


Top 10 Work History Section Writing Tips

  • Consider the format

    When writing your work history, consider the reverse-chronological format for its simplicity. This format effectively organizes your previous job history by starting with your most recent employer.

  • Include relevant work history

    Avoid writing about every single job you’ve held. This overwhelms employers and makes them lose interest. Instead, only use previous work experience related to the opportunity you want.

  • Use recent experience

    Write about your most recent work history. If you’re a job seeker with years of experience, focus on jobs from the last decade only. Keep your work experience short and limit your resume to two pages.

  • Mirror the job posting

    Carefully read the job posting before you start writing your job history section. Include key skills and “must have” job requirements the employer values when writing about your past accomplishments.

  • Be concise

    Be clear and concise when writing about your work experience. A bulleted list is an effective way to present your history. An employer can quickly scan your achievements in a well-organized list.

  • Use action verbs

    Your employment history writing should tell a story of success that packs a punch. Use action verbs to call attention to your achievements. Avoid reusing verbs.

  • Highlight accomplishments

    Don’t just write a list of duties in your work experience section. Instead, highlight your top accomplishments with previous employers to stand out. Include any relevant employer and industry awards you’ve earned.

  • Add success metrics

    Use industry-recognized success metrics when writing about your achievements. Share measurable details such as sales numbers, revenue goals met, and other quantifiable data that set you apart from the competition.

  • Show career progression

    Employers expect to see your career progression in your work history section. In your writing, show how you successfully took on additional responsibilities and opportunities to move up the career ladder.

  • Point out unique skills

    Writing about unique skills or responsibilities from previous positions can also set you apart. These additional details help the hiring managers see some personality instead of another candidate in the pipeline.

How Your Work History Section Fits the 3 Resume Formats

Your work history section is part of the three most common resume formats —chronological, functional, and hybrid. Each format has its own method for highlighting your past job experience. Consider the resume types your industry prefers and the job experience you want to include before selecting a format. Check out our employer-tested resume templates to find one that suits your needs.


Chronological is the most popular resume format. A chronological work history section organizes your information by date, starting with your current or most recent position. When writing about your work experience, this is a good format for those with a long employment history with multiple employers and roles.


Functional resume work history section focuses on skills rather than a comprehensive list of previous jobs. In writing about your past work experience, this is a good format for those with a limited job history or gaps in employment.


The hybrid resume format combines both the chronological and functional features. This type of resume begins with a summary of qualifications and essential skills, similar to the functional style. Then, it uses a chronological list to capture your work history.

Perfect Resume Work History Section Examples

Fast Food Server

Food Server, Burger Shack Unlimited, 2017–current

  • Greet up to 40 customers per hour and take accurate orders on the register for menu items in the restaurant
  • Prepare food items for a menu of 36 dishes using restaurant-supplied recipes by measuring ingredients and mixing items correctly
  • Clear tables of dining plates, utensils, and trash and set up the table for the next customer.
  • Send customer orders to the food preparation area or cook and communicate to staff special requests and food allergies
  • Use the computerized POS system in the restaurant to calculate food order totals for customers and take payment for all transactions
  • Deliver friendly service to customers and listen to their complaints or concerns when necessary
  • Follow all proper on-the-job safe food handling procedures and cleaning regulations when working with raw ingredients and serving

Product Manager

Senior Product Manager, NewCo., 2015–current

  • Create a product pricing plan and store placement for all new items in a large retail vendor with more than 100 new offerings each year
  • Partner with other departments in marketing and manufacturing to get a better understanding of customer expectations and needs
  • Develop product prototypes for new offerings in the retail industry by using customer feedback, budget information, and company resources
  • Manage a team of 12 staff members on product development by delegating responsibilities and overseeing applications
  • Organize tasks and project details for each new product launch with other teams in engineering, manufacturing, and marketing

Associate Product Manager, OldCorp Systems, 2008–2015

  • Discussed company budget needs and pricing with shipping companies and materials management to help reduce costs 15% and increase profitability
  • Communicated progress with new product timelines with upper management by preparing reports and data
  • Brainstormed creative solutions to problems during the project by making suggestions and thinking outside of the box


Retail Pharmacist, Well-Drug, 2016–current

  • Fill more than 25 prescription drugs per hour in various forms, such as tablets, liquid medication, and more, for a popular drugstore chain
  • Verify patient medication and history to check for any potential adverse reactions
  • Communicate with the patient’s doctor when there is a verification question about the prescription or side effects
  • Use extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals to make recommendations for generic drugs whenever necessary
  • Complete daily inventories of controlled substances and other drugs by counting supplies and tracking prescription fillings each day through a verification service
  • Oversee a staff of seven pharmacists and four part-time pharmacy technicians by scheduling shifts and evaluating employment records

Assistant Pharmacist, Aid Mart, 2011–2016

  • Educated patients about potential side effects, dosage information, and drug storage when dispensing any medicines
  • Submitted paperwork and information to the insurance company for patients and verify coverage before filling medications
  • Stocked inventory for additional non-prescription medication for behind-the-counter access, such allergy and cold medicine

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