Resume Templates: Infantryman


Resume Templates: Infantryman

Infantryman Resume Questions

1. How do you write an objective statement for an infantryman resume?

Most resumes no longer use objective statements. Professional summaries now take the place of such statements and focus less on discussing what you want and more on touching on your value proposition to prospective employers. Our infantryman resume sample gives an example of how to write a great professional summary, which breaks down the qualifications of a successful infantryman.

One instance where you might use an objective statement is when transitioning from a military to civilian role. In this instance, you want to combine the value of your transferable skills with a clear statement of your intent in seeking a role outside the military.

2. How can you highlight team experience on an infantryman resume?

As an infantryman, teamwork is essential. Your success is the success of your unit, and your effectiveness relies on your ability to function well within a team and function as a cohesive whole. You can demonstrate this by discussing how you collaborated with other infantrymen or specialists in other divisions. Touch on this into your work history, and discuss your talents for communication and relationship building into your professional summary.

3. What does a good infantryman resume look like?

The ideal infantryman submission is a one-page document structured neatly into your header, a three-line professional summary, a bulleted list of skill keywords, your work history, and your education. With clean, consistent formatting and action-oriented language, you can create an exceptional document that immediately grabs readers’ attention.

If you’d really like to build an excellent infantryman resume, try our resume builder. The infantryman resume sample is an excellent resource, but our resume builder walks you through the step-by-step process of creating your own outstanding, personalized document.

4. How do you optimize your infantryman resume for an ATS?

The term “ATS†stands for Applicant Tracking System. Employers and recruiters use these systems to automatically screen and categorize candidates based on skill match percentages. These match percentages line up with the skill keywords used in your professional document.

To optimize your chances of passing the ATS, review target jobs and identify key terms and phrases that match your capabilities. Integrate them into your professional summary, skill keyword list, and work history. For each job, tweak and adjust your keywords to improve your match percentage for that job.

5. Should you include references on an infantryman resume?

References can be useful, but may not be necessary. Many employers don’t want to see references unless they specifically ask for them, so you can get away without mentioning them – or by simply including “references available on request.” As you can see, we chose to omit references from our infantryman resume sample.

If you do decide to include references, list no more than three to five. Just include their name, title, company or military branch, phone number, and email. Don’t let your references break your submission into two pages. If you can’t fit them on one, skip them.

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Resume Text

Daniel Preston 100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234



Astute Infantryman with comprehensive ground combat experience that includes extensive training and simulation participation to ensure maximum readiness. Extensive knowledge of ground surveillance protocol, mine detection techniques and explosives removal procedures. Proven ability to adopt to new surroundings while remaining continuously observant, physically capable and mentally alert under pressure.


  • Completed Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
  • Field communications proficiency
  • Mine detection experience
  • Extremely well disciplined
  • Proper weapons storage
  • Extreme endurance
  • Physically fit
  • Team player


Work Experience

February 2013 to Present United States Army Base — New Cityland, CA Infantryman
  • Patrol assigned areas.
  • Locate undetonated mines.
  • Report any unusual activities.
  • File necessary documentation.
  • Participate in active ground combat.
  • Take charge of training exercises when directed to do so by commander.
  • Quickly mobilize troops and appropriate weapons for assigned missions.
  • Inspect weapons systems.
  • Fire weapons as assigned.
  • Keep weapons properly cleaned.
  • Properly store weapons as per established safety guidelines.
  • Participate in daily drills. April 2009 to February 2013 United States Army Base — New Parkland, CA Infantryman
  • Prepared required documentation when mines were found and safely detonated.
  • Used appropriate field communication equipment to confirm locations and report any issues requiring additional assistance or clarification.
  • Ensured that all weapons were accounted for and stored properly.
  • Reported any instances when weapons appeared to be missing or damaged.
  • Earned praise for performance in daily fire arms drills.
  • Stored weapons and components as per guidelines.
  • Processed prisoners of war when in combat situations.
  • Participated in various reconnaissance missions.
  • Maintained field communication equipment.
  • Filled out incident reports as warranted.
  • Carefully evaluated terrain.
  • Maintained essential weapons systems.
  • Mobilized vehicles, troops and weaponry.



    2009 United States Army Infantry School, New Cityland, CA Completed Leadership Course

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