The Perfect Resume Example: Work History Section


If you want to equip yourself with the best tools for a more fruitful job search, a great resume is the first step. Get more information from the perfect resume example work history section to make your experience help you get the job.

Perfect Resume Example

Here are a few examples of work histories for various experience levels to help you get an idea of what to write.

New Graduate (No Degree)

Cashier – Weld’s Hardware, Fairbanks, AK – 2014-present
• Assist customers with finding products
• Operate register for cash and credit card transactions

Recreation Assistant – Fairbanks Borough, Fairbanks, AK – 2013-2014
• Lined fields with boundaries before sports games
• Organized materials for sports at the recreation center

New Graduate (Degree)

Intern – Miami Herald, Miami, FL – 2015-2016
• Researched news items by using online sources and interviewing contacts
• Drafted local crime news stories each day

Writer – Hurricanes Gazette, University of Miami, Miami, FL – 2013-2016
• Helmed a weekly column detailing campus cultural events
• Highlighted past university graduates with monthly feature stories

Mid-Level Worker

Bookkeeper – Belder and Company, Trenton, NJ – 2011-present
• Maintain company accounts detailing invoices, payments and expenses
• Process payroll twice a month for a 100-person staff

Bookkeeper – McGill Associates, Newark, NJ – 2007-2011
• Calculated corporate tax payments and employment withholding taxes
• Contacted outstanding accounts and successfully secured payment 85 percent of the time


Restaurant Manager – Tilly’s, Towson, MD – 2013-present
• Lead a staff of 35 cooks, servers, bussers and more to breaking the region’s yearly sales record
• Promote outstanding customer service to guests with a friendly atmosphere

Kitchen Manager – Frisco’s Chicken, Hunt Valley, MD – 2004-2014
• Reduced food cost by more than 25 percent with a new ordering system
• Scheduled the kitchen staff team to better suit the needs of the restaurant during busy periods

Experienced Worker

Teacher, Elmhurst Middle School, Atlanta, GA – 2012-present
• Develop engaging lessons in mathematics for learners in sixth grade
• Build math literacy skills with consistent gains on assessments

Teacher, York Middle School, Atlanta, GA – 2000-2012
• Delivered lessons in math instruction for students in eighth grade
• Used a variety of differentiation methods to reach learners of varying abilities

What to Notice in a Perfect Resume Example: Work History Section

To get a great job, your work history section should provide evidence of your ability to complete tasks associated with the open position. If you look at the perfect resume example, work experiences should be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with your present employment and moving backward. Don’t worry about past jobs you held 15 or 20 years ago; go with more recent experience.

Each entry should give information about what your previous job title was, where you worked, when you were employed and what the location was. After the basics, you can provide a few bulleted details about specific duties or accomplishments you made. Instead of a boring laundry list of every responsibility from your past job, focus on tasks that are relevant to the position you’re looking to secure. Additionally, like the perfect resume example shows, start each job detail with a strong, clear action verb. This can help your future employer get a better visualization of what you’ve done in the past. Finally, be sure to include specific numbers or metrics to further help hiring managers see what you’re most capable of.

Perfect Resume Example: At a Glance

• Essentials – Make a chronological list of each important work experience from your career, but avoid going too far back in your work history.
• Specifics – Include details from your work history that support the idea of your suitability for the job you’re trying to land. Avoid irrelevant experiences.
• Verbiage – Use a variety of clear and specific verbs to begin each bulleted detail about your work duties. Make sure you don’t reuse words in your listings.
• Metrics – Give examples using quantities, such as number of people you supervised, percentage of improvement and other measurable details.