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Hair Stylist
Hair Stylist
If you’re looking for a fun career, our hair stylist Resume Sample will show you how to grab a manager’s attention.
Personal Assistant
Personal Assistant
If you have a knack for helping out others, our personal assistant resume can lead to a rewarding job.
Fitness and Personal Trainer
Fitness and Personal Trainer
Want to assist others with improving their health? Look no further than our fitness and personal trainer Resume Sample.
Personal Care
Personal Care
Interested in a personal care job? We’ve designed the perfect personal care resume template for your convenience.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

Personal care providers assist persons with disabilities, the elderly and convalescents with daily living activities either in a care facility or at the person’s home. Duties may include daily household chores like making beds, washing dishes, doing laundry and preparing meals. They often advise families in the areas of cleanliness, nutrition and household activities for the individual. Hair stylists provide personal beauty services like shampooing, cutting, coloring and styling hair. In some cases they may also apply makeup, perform hair removal and nail and skin care services. Fitness and personal trainers coach and instruct both groups and individuals in exercise activities, demonstrating proper form and techniques to improve skills.

Education and Training

Personal care providers are usually required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, but often additional training, like CPR training is desirable. Some employers provide on-the-job training. Hair stylists in all 50 states are required to complete a state mandated cosmetology program and to pass state boards. That provides the fundamentals, but ongoing training and possibly an apprenticeship will enhance skills and make you a more desirable employee. Fitness and personal trainers require certification as a minimum, and many have bachelor’s degrees in fitness-related fields, although a degree is not a firm requirement. Trainers can be certified by many professional associations, and CPR certification is usually required for enrollment.

Salary Expectations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2013: Personal care provider mean hourly wage was $10.09. Mean annual salary was $20,100. The top-paying industry, with an annual mean of $35,480, was State Government. Hair stylist mean hourly wage was $13.24. Mean annual salary was $27,530. The top-paying industry, with a mean annual salary of $72,580, was performing arts. It’s important to keep in mind that hair stylists are tipped employees. Fitness and personal trainers made a mean hourly wage of $18.17. The mean annual salary was $37,790. The top-paying industry, with a mean annual salary of $49,940, was health care services. Since each of the occupations mentioned above involve one-on-one relationships, your resume should reflect that experience and desire. MyPerfrectResume can provide Resume Samples to help with yours.

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