Restaurant Delivery Driver Resume Sample


You can drive yourself crazy, or you can put your energy into crafting a fabulous resume to help you get the delivery driver job you want. Think of a well-written resume as your first delivery with information to show that you are the best person for the position.

Take note: There are certain skills that all delivery drivers should possess, including punctuality, a positive demeanor, a neat appearance, a good sense of direction, a strong work ethic, and emphasis on safety. You’ll also want to list your licenses and certifications as well as your clean driving record. Make the employer’s job easy by keeping the document organized so they don’t have to hunt for the information.

Study our delivery driver resume templates and use them as a guide for writing one that will stand out above the rest.

Delivery Driver Resume Sample

Elevate your resume with an impressive Delivery Driver cover letter. These professionally written samples outline the do’s and don’ts of writing a powerful message to win the job.

Delivery driver Resume Questions

1. What’s the best length for a delivery driver resume?

Most resumes should only be about one page in length. Take a look at our delivery driver resume sample to know which sections to include and to get a better feel for the type of information you should include. Know that there are exceptions to this one-page rule, however. For example, if you have been working as a delivery driver for many years or if you have held advanced driving positions in the past, your resume may exceed one page and extend to two or even three pages.

2. Which skills are the best to list on a delivery driver resume?

To be a professional delivery driver, either for a commercial organization, or government institution, you must be cautious, aware, and possess basic defensive driving capabilities. Go over our delivery driver resume sample to understand which skills are in demand for this type of job.

You should also review the job posting to see which type of skills they want the right candidate to possess. For instance, the job may require a certain type of certification or that you have a certain level of driving expertise. If this is the case, list that you possess any required skills related to the job in general and the specific posting.

3. What sections should you include in your delivery driver resume?

While every resume is different, most resumes should include a few basic sections, such as the contact information section, skills section, experience section, and education and training section. Go over our delivery driver resume sample to determine how you should format your resume based on these standard sections.

You can also use our Resume Now resume builder to create a resume in minutes that incudes all necessary and important sections.

4. How do you write about hobbies on your resume?

If you choose to include a hobbies section on your resume, make sure this part is short and sweet. As you look over our delivery driver resume sample to format your document, fill in this section with a little bit of information about you. You may want to include hobbies you enjoy, organizations you volunteer for, or any unique interests you have.

Remember, you should not use your hobbies section to give future employers your life story or personal details. For instance, you should not include information about a recent divorce, your political standing, religious viewpoints, or any other topics that are inappropriate for the workplace.

5. What do you put on a delivery driver resume for your first job?

While you read over our delivery driver resume sample, you may worry that you don’t have enough information to draft a complete document, especially if you are applying for your first job. As you craft your resume for an introductory job, make sure you include a summary statement or objective statement at the top.

You should also include any educational experiences you have, any certifications or training you possess, or any volunteer activities. It is also appropriate to include a hobbies sections on your resume when you apply for your first job.

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Gary Wood

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Responsible Delivery Driver adept at navigation and efficient, on-time deliveries. Possesses a comprehensive visual memory and an excellent sense of direction. Service-focused and hard-working with strong mathematical aptitude and clean driving record.


Time management skills
Excellent sense of direction
Courteous and polite demeanor
Clean and neat appearance
Personable and friendly

Familiar with all local roads
Safety conscious
Current California Food Handlers Card holder


August 2010 to Current
Savannah’s Catering Company New Cityland, CA
Delivery Driver

Operate delivery vehicle in a safe and efficient manner.
Select optimal routes in compliance with delivery instructions and fuel policy.
Verify loaded items against order tickets.
Move items from van to delivery location without spillage or damage.
Present customers with ticket information and answer basic customer service questions.
Check delivery van’s fluid levels and tire pressure and schedule any required repairs.

March 2007 to July 2010
Pizza Queen New Cityland, CA
Delivery Driver

Accurately and efficiently delivered multiple customer orders in each run.
Handled customer payments and calculated tips on request.
Followed company safe driving rules and all road laws.
Kept track of delivery information, car mileage, and fuel usage.
Studied local maps frequently to ensure optimum road knowledge and fastest deliveries.
Reported food and customer service issues to management.

October 2005 to March 2007
MicMacs Mexican Food New Cityland, CA
Delivery Driver

Prepared and delivered orders for select business customers.
Maintained neat, orderly appearance with clients.
Took additional orders, calculated payments and tips, and answered customer service questions.
Gave out coupons and special menus to top clients to generate repeat business and higher-dollar orders.