Wellness Resume Examples

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What Wellness Professionals Do

If you’re a wellness professional, you need a top-notch wellness resume to get jobs in your field. Even if you have a job you love, it’s always a good idea to keep your resume updated in case you find a job opening you can’t resist. Wellness professionals perform a variety of tasks for their clients, from massage to spa treatments to nutrition and fitness. There is a high demand for people who work in wellness because people are starting to sit up and take notice about the foods and chemicals they put in their body and fighting back against the obesity epidemic. They’re sick of being sick, so that’s why we need people like nutritionists, fitness instructors, natural medicine healers, meditation teachers, and other wellness professionals.

What Kind of Education You Need

In order to get a wellness-related job, you have to have some sort of education. What you want to do will determine what kind of job you can get. If you want to be a personal trainer or physical therapist or nutritionist, you may need more education than an herbalist, although some level of knowledge is required for all wellness-related positions. Many wellness professionals are highly trained in very specific fields, such as holistic medicine, vitamin science, or yoga and Pilates. Some professionals can get a position without getting much secondary education, and for many, experience matters more than formal education. It really just depends on the job you’re looking for and what you personally bring to the table as an applicant.

Your Wellness Resume

If you’re seeking a wellness-related career, it’s important that your wellness resume speaks volumes about your level of commitment to health and your knowledge about the kind of position you’re applying you. Your wellness resume should be tailored to each position, and it should contain highly specific and verifiable information about what makes you qualified to work in that position, whether its relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, or acupuncture. If your experience is more extensive and recent than your formal education, be sure to mention that first on your wellness resume so it attracts the attention of the reviewer and you will have a better chance at an interview.


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