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Civil Engineer Resume Section Samples

Browse our professionally written civil engineer resume resume examples by section.

Best Civil Engineer Summaries

  • Licensed Civil Engineer with over 8 years of experience in performing construction engineering assignments and working in various capacities. Particular expertise in directing early works, earthworks, concrete works, installation of underground utilities and demolition on green and brownfield projects worldwide.
  • Hard-working Civil Engineer  experienced in large and complex projects, and the supervision of project management personnel, contractors and subcontractors. Employs strategic, practical approaches to achieve cost savings. Leader in quality assurance and program implementation.
  • Accomplished Air Force Civil Engineer with 3+ years of building maintenance and project management experience. Eager to apply emergency and safety management compliance to ensure fully functional park operations and establish effective communication with colleagues for optimal employee performance. Collaborates with community members by presenting educational materials regarding the preservation of parks, including forest fire prevention.

Civil Engineer Top Skills

AutoCADComplianceEngineering Projects
Structural EngineeringProject SpecificationsStructural Analysis
Corrective ActionsCivil 3DProject Lifecycle
RevitConstruction StandardsEngineering Drawings
Technical ReviewProject ManagementCivil Engineering

Civil Engineer Work History Examples

  • Collaborated with forestry crew to fell trees, cut and clear brush, dig trenches, while using hand-saws, axes, and shovels. Performed maintenance on Rogue Valley parks to include trash clean up, disinfecting facility bathrooms, and ensured signs were visible to maintain the integrity of the park. Worked alongside team-members to present educational materials to help the community better understand how to prevent forest fires.
  • Determined project feasibility by estimating materials costs and sourcing requirements. Handled administrative duties such as recordkeeping, answering phones and emails and ordering supplies. Determined budget, manpower, schedule and material needed to successfully execute projects. Helped achieve budget targets with well-planned and implemented civil engineering solutions.
  • Provided technical assistance to staff when needed. Educated general public through professional presentations and community discussions. Controlled engineering activities to maintain work standards, adhere to timelines and meet quality assurance targets. Administered project contracts and coordinated project meetings.
  • Developed low-impact transportation, grading and stormwater design strategies for sustainable infrastructure projects. Conducted traffic volume counts and compiled traffic accident data to improve road safety and overall efficiency. Completed complex technical surveys for development of roadway, intersection and bridge construction plans.
  • Determined project feasibility by estimating materials costs and sourcing requirements. Defined engineering problems, collected data, established facts and drew conclusions to solve technical engineering issues.
  • Analyzed survey reports, maps, blueprints and other topographical and geologic data to effectively plan infrastructure and construction projects. Collaborated with contractors, architects, engineers and public agencies to complete projects within timeline limitations and budget constraints.

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