Church Volunteer Resume Example

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: May 18, 2022
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Having a thoughtful and well-written resume when applying for the position of a church volunteer can make a lasting impression. Even if it’s not required, resumes can give those in charge confidence in your organization skills.

Church volunteers often work directly with the public and parishioners, so your communication and interpersonal skills should be showcased at the top of the page in the summary statement and highlights sections. Don’t forget to add any previous volunteer positions and your direct duties.

When you’re ready to write your own church volunteer resume, be sure to use our resume examples as a guide.

church volunteer resume example


Church Volunteer Resume Questions

1. How do you write the header of a church volunteer resume?

Start off with your full name. While jobseekers no longer need to use a resume format that includes a home address, you must include your personal phone number and email address. Your email address should be a non-workplace account that looks and sounds professional. If you have social media or online business profiles appropriate for viewing by hiring managers, you may include those, too. Check out our church volunteer resume sample for examples of effective headers.

2. How do you describe computer skills on your church volunteer resume?

In today’s world, computer skills are increasingly important to volunteer positions. Go ahead and include yours in the professional summary statement section of you resume template, where hiring managers can see them right away. Give them an idea of your level of competence, too: “Expert-level skill in data entry, database administration, and word processing,” for example. You can also list specific software, such as Microsoft Office and Excel, in a bullet-point list within your skills section. Make sure you showcase those of your abilities most complementary to the advertised position.

3. Should you include references on a church volunteer resume?

In short, no. In the past, jobseekers closed their resumes with “References available upon request.” As you can see from our church volunteer resume sample set, this practice is no longer standard. You can assume hiring managers will request references if they have interest in your application. Prepare your references on a separate document so you are ready to submit them in response to a hiring manager’s request.

4. How do you list schools in a church volunteer resume?

Create an education section at the end of your resume and list your academic credentials and schools within it. Provide the title of the diploma or degree received, the name of the conferring institution, and its city and state. You don’t need to include your graduation year unless it fell within the last three years. Typically, jobseekers list their highest level of education or the credential most relevant to the advertised position. If you have more than one higher education credential to share, start with the most recent and work backwards in time.

5. How do you list certifications on your church volunteer resume?

List certifications relevant to the advertised position in your skills section. For example, if your desired church volunteer position involves leading mission trips or working with children, showcase your CPR and first aid certifications. If you have educational certifications you would like to include, such as project management or technical writing, add them to your education section. Provide the title of the certification, the name of the administering organization, and the year or date you received it. Check out our church volunteer resume sample for presentations of credentials.

Are you ready to create your professional document? Take advantage of our personalized step-by-step resume builder and its industry-specific text examples.

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Resume Text


Emily Gellar

123 Fake Street

City, State, Zip Code

Cell: 000-000-0000


Church Volunteer responsible for coordinating other volunteers and answering questions from the general public. Skilled in answering phones, responding to emails and working on fundraising events. Adept in working with the public and with parishioners to improve the overall view of the church and its members.


-Secretarial and administrative

-Team player



-Time management


-Public speaking

Work Experience


January 2011 to February 2015 Company Name-City, State Church Volunteer

-Coordinated charity drives that helped the church raise more than $7,000 for its community outreach programs that help the city at large

-Worked as a volunteer Sunday school teacher for younger children

-Helped lead religious studies for adult students on weeknights


August 2007 to January 2011 Company Name-City, State Church Volunteer

-Acted as the head of the church volunteers and coordinated those volunteers to cover different shifts at the church

-Implemented a recycling program that cut down on waste and later helped parishioners implement similar programs in their homes


June 2006 to July 2007 Company Name-City, State Church Volunteer

-Responsible for organizing fundraising events, including a car wash and community sale, that helped raised more than $10,000 for the church

-Performed administrative duties, including answering phone calls, filing paperwork, proofreading speeches and responding to emails





2007 Company Name, City, State High School Diploma